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    Foxface - $40 Blue Tang - $40 Yellow Tang - $80 Blue Dot Jawfish (2"-3") - $150 Small Blue with Yellow Tail Damsel - Free Size reference... That magnet cleaner is 4" x 2"
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    Drifting from hobby and don't want my babies to end up with some pet shop. Willing to sell to experienced hobbies. They have laid eggs. Comes with 2 pink tip RBTA. And damsel. Live rocks. I have the following tanks. ALL NEGOTIABLE! - 57 gallon starphire glass custom Reed ready with stand that...
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    I have a Big eye black bar soldierfish and damsel I am trying to get rid of. I have had them both for over a year. They both are pigs. They are sitting in a tank in my basement because they were over aggressive to the jawfish we added to the tank. My wife really likes jawfish so the damsel...
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    I have a healthy yellow tail blue damsel for free. Let me know if you are interested. He lived with a couple of clownfish and a gramma for couple of years. But, not getting along with the new fish I introduced.
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    Need to shut down my 80 gallon frag tank size is 48"x 24" 16" tank is up and running with crushed coral bottom sump. 175 watt mh lights has live rock in it comes with a maroon clown fish and a yellow damsel . Need to get $600 for full setup. I bought the tank brand new along with the sump with...
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    Melanarus Wrasse, Wild Ocellaris clown, Green Chromis Up for sale is a melanarus wrasse about 3 inches in length x1($50) Wild Ocellaris clown x1 ($20) Green Chromis x2 (Free with purchase of either of fishes above) All fishes are healthy. I'm getting out of the hobby and parting out my...
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    $300 OBO for everything. Selling off my 29 gallon biocube. It has dimmable DIY LED that cost over $200 Alone. I don't have time to take care of the tank. I am not interested in parting it out. I am not interested in shipping it...
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    I have a Foxface that is approximately 7-8 inches and a Damsel slightly smaller that are too large for the other fish in my tank. $30 and $15 Text me quick or they go to the LFS tomorrow. (or maybe the trading forum) Red Dragons breath macro and GSP coming out of my ears also (cheap) Grosse...
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    92 Gal. Corner Bow front, stand, sump, pump, heater, lights 92 Gallon Corner Bow Front with Black Pine Stand & Glass Versa Top- $600 Aqueon Proflex Sump Model 4 (36.9" x 14.8" x 19") $200 2 Kessil LED 10,000K lights - $300 Mag Drive Return Pump Model 9.5 (950gph) $70 Hagen Fluval E 300 Watt...
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    I was wondering if i could have a frogfish and batfish in the same tank without conflict?
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    5 inch Niger trigger $50 located in Columbus mi, May meet if not too far as
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    Taking down my 40 gallon and selling fish. First is my 2"-4" Dogface puffer looking for $35, this guy eats every thing I have giving him. Next are 2 damsel fish one is standard 4 bar about 1 1/2" the other is a blue devil also about 1 1/2" looking for $8 for both. Best to text. (248) 240-6610
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    :sarcastic:5" peacock mantis...bluedevil damsel. Fiji yellow tail devil damsel. 6 line wrasse neon dotty back. Many macro algaes and shroom....Margareta snails aid in the bit of extra bad algaes and feed the mantis. I don't feed the fish they eat copehapoids
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    As it says, free Chaeto, just bring a bag.. The sump will be emptied tomorrow night. also have the sump R-100 Eshopps for sale-100$ AquaC Remora Skimmer-50$ heater-free with any purchase if you want it. or 10$ bunch of rock, not sure of the poundage, bunch was in the sump and a bunch is dry...
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    Need help catching a blue hippos tang fairly big about 4 or 5 inches. I have a 160gal and about 300lbs of rock so there's plenty of places to hide and no way am I screwing with the rockscape lol any ideas?
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    On the end of 2nd week of 75 gallon shallow reef cycle and still getting no ammonia. Never had a spike for cycle. Should I be concerned or doing somthing wrong?
  17. Premium Aquatics
    In the interest of getting folks to come see the new facility, we're doing a WALK-IN ONLY SALE! This weekend only. Make the Drive Sale at PremiumAquatics.com Flame Angels $19.99 each (8 in stock, limit 1 per customer) Skunk Cleaner Shrimp small $9.99 (35 in stock, limit 3) Spotted Pajama...
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    Folks, here's a shot of my mixed reef from yesterday. My tank has really come a long way over the last couple years and is filling in nicely. Things really took off when I simplified my auto control systems and started a more manual management approach which I enjoy! Mike
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    I have a 2" Domino damsel that is too big for my tank now. he will go in anemones. free or trade for a zoa frag.. 2485680054
1-20 of 67 Results