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    I have a 32 gallon biocube tank and stand in good shape $150 SOLD Single hang on the back overflow $25 Eshopps Medium Cube Refugium Cube $100 SOLD Skimz SN127 Monzter Protein Skimmer DC pump $50 SOLD ecotech marine radion gen 4 xr15w-pro with Ceiling hanging kit $250 SOLD Larry 734-652-7505
  2. Trading Forums
    I have a older style SWC 300 skimmer (skimmer cup and body has crazing, sticky cosmetic). Comes with 2 sicce psk 2500 pumps. Impellers should be replaced (they work just need to be bummed a few times). I have never personally used this skimmer, I had plans on modding it with a DC pump, but got a...
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    15% OFF Memorial Day Weekend 15% OFF All NON MAP priced items. Many MAP specials listed below as well.* Offer ends Midnight EST 5/27/2019* https://premiumaquatics.com/content/Exclusions https://premiumaquatics.com/ 20% OFF Real Reef Live Rock 20% OFF Real Reef DRY & LIVE Versions, reg, shelf...
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    In today's video, we are taking a look at the Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor with Varios 2 DC Pump, which is available at Premium Aquatics. Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor: https://premiumaquatics.com/products/... #reefoctopus #calciumreactor #premiumaquatics 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2...
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    I just picked up a 180 gallon tank so I'm looking for some equipment for it like a sump preferably something 50 gallons or more and wider rather than taller, I need a pump for the tank that would be attached to some equipment aswell so something maybe 1800+gph, and also whatever else you guys...
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    15% OFF Bubble Magus Doser's 15% OFF All Bubble Magus Doser's from the Single TS1 to the TM12 Triple dosing. The Dosing accessories are on sale as well.* Offer ends Midnight EST 5/31/2019* https://premiumaquatics.com/category/dosing-pumps.html?filter_brand_id=1070 New Fish Aid Antibiotics Fish...
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    Premium Refractometer $21.99 Thats right, we are offering our reliable refractometer for only 21.99 this month. We have carried this model for over 15 years and well proven to be reliable. At this price, every reefer should have one in there tool box.* Offer ends Midnight EST 5/31/2019*...
  8. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Ok so my controller on my jabao dc pump went out and i cant find a replacement as its a 2013 model. Is there anyway i can rewire the pump or something to be able to still use it. power supply and pump still good.
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    RLSS R6i Protein Skimmer - $180 Great condition, didn't use it for long because it was larger than I needed I can text pictures if interested. 313 590 3407
  10. Premium Aquatics
    Vectra - The World's Smartest Return Pump At 1400gph flow and up to 11.5 head height, this is sure to be a very popular DC pump for small to mid size aquariums. We are expecting our first shipment in September and first round will be limited. We are accepting Pre-Orders. So get your order in now...
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    New never used Bubble Magus BM-T11 Bubble Magus BM-T12 $425 for both local pickup. $450 shipped. https://www.seasideaquatics.com/?p=1019 This series is a new addition to the Bubble Magus line and are NOT replacement for the original Bubble Magus doser (BM-T01 and...
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    Skimmer works great, I went to a larger model but same brand (SKIMZ) It is ready to go, would be happy to send pics just send info in a message
  13. Selling Forums
    I have the following up for sale: GEO 818 Calcium Reactor & Pump Kit https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hc7bm6wtbpnovw/GEO%20818.jpg?dl=0 GEO 818 Calcium Reactor & Pump Kit Cobalt Aquatics Power Head / Pump - MJ1200 - 295 gph CaribSea ARM Reactor Media - Extra Coarse, 1 Gal (Qty 2) CarbonDoser...
  14. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I have a clarity plus with an integrated back chamber and I am trying the quiet down the noise of the water flowing into that chamber sort of like into a overflow. Any suggestions??
  15. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    In need of a return pump for my basement sump setup. was looking at the Deepwater Aquatics BLDC 15 (should have to be turned down some) was hoping some of you were running them. I know some of the other dc pumps have given out in relatively short time frames. Trying to avoid that. The run from...
  16. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    This may be a dumb question but, has anyone ever plumbed their protein skimmer inline with the return pump? I am trying to eliminate a pump, if I can. If so how did you do it while maintaining the airflow to the skimmer? If not is there a low wattage skimmer pump that anyone could recommend...
  17. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I need a closed Loop Pump And looking for opinions on DC powered pumps. Control Head reliability Thanks In advance John
  18. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Just curious if anyone out there is running a skimz line skimmer. In particular the SKIMZ SV223 or SV203 oval series. I was looking for any pros or cons. I have been contemplating on a new sump and skimmer for a while and figure i might as well take note to the holiday sales. Much...
  19. Want to Buy
    wtb a 1200gph + return pump(bought one) looking for a return pump thats 1200gph+ Internal or external Just bought one :)
  20. Selling Forums
    I have a Pair of Jebao WP40 that I bought planing to use on a bigger tank 180G+. Well its been 3 months now and there just collecting dust, and I could use the extra cash now so I'm selling them. The extent of use these pumps have had was just to make sure they worked. I didn't want to...
1-20 of 20 Results