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  1. FRAG
    Thanks to all that showed up for the FRAG meeting on Dec 5th... The votes were counted and announced as follows: Aaron Baize (Tank Zombie) as President Rebecca Lanter (Lanter11) as Secretary Please look for new posts on our next meeting!
  2. FRAG
    hey everyone we are having our elections on dec 5 will be at reef paradise again this is mainly going to be our presidential and secretary election also other business to be planned at this meeting will be a project and maby a reef store tour or other ideas of what we can do
  3. FRAG
    The following are the nominees that will be voted on at the Dec 5th meeting at 6 pm. Everyone that is a FRAG member please come and vote! Nominated for President: Tank Zombie (Aaron Baize) Vega (Anthony Jannaro) AlwaysFishin (Tim Mose) Tazzy695 (Marc Pawloski) Nominated for...
  4. Choice Aquariums
    Due to the Thanksgiving holiday this week thrusday - shipping/pickup/and store hours will be affected. Our Retail Location will be CLOSED on Thursday Nov 27th, 2008 for Thanksgiving Day to spend the holiday with our families. Normal retail hours will resume on Friday Nov 28th. All internet...
1-4 of 6 Results