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  1. Selling Forums
    I have a 125 gallon tank and stand for $200 firm if interested shoot me a PM or e-mail at [email protected] Thanks :victory: Ok I am throwing in a 200 gallon wet dry for $60 its worth more but I figure if I ad some extra might move faster. This is a killer deal People come get...
  2. Advanced Topics
    well right now i dose vodka daily at 3ml per day. i have been for about 9+ weeks now slowly following my chart and once i hit 3ml i just decided to stay at that dose because my nitrates were at zero and my phosphates are slowly dropping. I never used MB7 before. I just acquired some from a...
  3. Do It Yourself
    I recently switched to 400 watt halides on my 90 gallon. I have 4 fans. Right at the current time I am trying Melev's diy fan cooler to see if it is any better. I have a 24 inch tall hood, but still have problems. Any Ideas? What are other people doing with 400 watters?
  4. Fish Disease Treatment
    I just moved a week ago. He was fine before, is this anything?
  5. Members Tanks
    Well I decided that I wanted to start up my own saltwater tank after seeing a few different tanks. I looked around and decided I was going to build a DIY tank. Here are my photos of my progress of my tank. New 90 Gal Tank Building the base of the stand and DJNeedleDamage is helping with...
  6. Members Tanks
    Just had too move a couple days ago. Angel still looks a little rough
  7. The Lounge
    how do you know you have a problem i have been doing this for about 9 years and want to know when do you know you have a problem how much time do you spend on the sites looking at other tanks? how much time spent in LFS? and how much money and time has this hobby cost you all together? I think i...
  8. Reef Discussion
    Anybody know if these exist besides in aquariums? Think it would be cool to buy a bunch of tanks and connect them with some 6 inch uniseals. Then make the connections hidden so it looks like a huge tank.
  9. Selling Forums
    130 plus gallon for sale and new mag 24 Hi there i have a 130 plus gallon reef tank for sale the number's are 72x18x24 the tank comes with a stand . has half inch think glass would like to sell for 350. OBO PRICE DROP do to i caint say ext size will sell the the tank stand and canpoy for...
  10. Anemones & Clownfish
    I have had my pair for a couple years. All they do is fight though. They share they same anemone. I have not seen eggs yet. Yesterday they were staring at each other face to face then they would attack. Anybody got any Clown breeding movies (the dirty ones). Maybe I could borrow a...
  11. The Lounge
    I am currently looking for any job in Grand Rapids. I went to Ferris State for Plastics Engineering, but fell a couple electives short of a Bachelors. I do have a Associates though. Does anybody know of any jobs in Grand Rapids, plastic or not? I also wouldn't mind working outside with this...
  12. GRMAS
    DIY work shop including rock making, fish food making and glass drilling demo. Will be held at Ed Lamberson house July 26 @ 1pm. Fish food will be $5 per sandwich bag and the rock making is free. If you are interested in coming Ed will be providing hambugers and hot dogs. He ask that you bring...
  13. Marine Plants & Macroalgae
    Is it try that caulerpa is a lot more effective then Chaeto? I am thinking of getting some but I was wondering if anybody has kept it for long term without it going sexual? BTW have a emperor angel and a large purple tang in my tank so i do not think it will starve.
  14. Reef Discussion
    Has anyone tried this way? I'm either going to invest in an calcium reactor or dosing pumps for my profilux and go the balling method. Any ideas?
  15. Do It Yourself
    I am planning on having a auto top-off on my RO unit. I think I am going to put to valves before the RO unit in case one fails with 2 different float switches on a on a relay timer so I don't get a lot of cycling. Anybody know of some valves and soleniods that don't contain brass. I can't use...
  16. Reef Discussion
    Parameters are great. No Algae of any kind (except Coraline)visible in the dt Detritus free on BB Lots of water movement 400w 12k reeflux w/electronic ballast 9" from water w/lumenmax elite ref. No Cyano visible Why by the end of the day are there bubbles on the rockwork? The bubbles...
1-16 of 33 Results