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    Everything is gone. Thanks for all who expressed interest and I appologize to those who did not get what they wanted!
  2. Selling Forums
    Gorgeous 50 Gallon Cube Tank(Glass, Drilled with stand pipe) with beautiful solid oak stand and canopy. Includes the tank, stand/canopy, 10 Gallon sump, ASM Skimmer, and T5 high output lighting. $400 OBO
  3. The Lounge
    YouTube - Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA Full Length Just want to keep people in formed!!!! Check out Alex Jones Alex Jones' Prison Planet.com crazy thing going on Road Warrior-level collapse imminent: Alex Jones says we must take corrective action now
  4. Reef Discussion
    I just woke up to find out that my only pump for the tank, a Reeflo Dart, has stopped working!! I'm really worried about my fish & I'm in dire need of borrowing any extra large power heads anybody local has laying around to keep the tank circulating. Has anybody ever had to use the warranty from...
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    Like new 48" Aquactinics TX5 T5HO 5 bulb fixture with riser brackets. Bulbs need replacing, no idea how old they are. 250$ firm, pick up only, no shipping. No shows will be left bad trader ratings. Great for SPS up to 75g and LPS/softies up to 90g TX5 Series Features: *Unique aluminum fixture...
  6. Other Invertebrates
    Okay I got about 40 lbs of rock from Deb when she closed down her tank. I'm not complaining about the hitchhikers as I did get a great deal. But I saw the biggest bristleworm I've ever personally seen since I added it to my tank. It's about 6-8 inches compressed and about as wide as a popsicle...
  7. New to the Hobby
    i have a 40 gallon breeder protein skimmer and canister filter up and runnin for a week now i have live rock and sand bottom was wondering how often i should test my water right now my salinty is 28 and specific gravity is 1.021 how often should i test for ammonia and protein ect thanks
  8. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    No idea what kind of Anemone this is can anyone identify?
  9. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    What is the most amount of bulbs any has run of a Icecap 660 ballast. I was wondering if you can run 8 t5's of of one 660 ballast. I figured they are running 4 bulbs at 110watts each why can't they run 8 bulbs at 54watts each. any one have a answer.
  10. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Fair warning to anyone using Pentair clear bulkheads. I have 10 of them going through the bottom of my tank. Out of those 10, 2 were cracked and leaking and at least 5 of the other 8 are visibly cracked. And these were NOT over tightened or subject to abuse. The standard black plastic bulkheads...
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    I have an 8' x 3' x 3-4" deep sand bed that needs to go fast. Bring your own buckets, take as much as you want. Sand is Seaflor special grade, great for gobys and jawfish Anytime before 8pm today or from 11am to 4pm tomorrow. 4601 E. Berry Rd, Pleasant Lake, Mi 49272
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    Package deal to clear out the tank Take all my remaining corals and anemones for 300$ Includes 2 x-large easy gorgonians texas trash zoas brown and green paly's Nepthea neon green Palau tree coral colony of mixed zoas on branch rock caulastrea maze brain xmas favia blue green favia red oxypora...
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    Surprised this hasn't been posted here yet. By the time Feiger is done the city should be another couple hundred million in the hole. FOXNews.com - 7-Year-Old Shot and Killed During Police Search Was Asleep, Family Says
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    Updated 05-31-2010 I am about 30 miles south of Lansing, 30 miles west of Ann Arbor, 10 miles north of Jackson. Pick up only, cash only, first come first served, no holds. Scopas tang 30$ Lyretail Anthia Male 30$, l Single Bangaii Cardinal 20$, GS Maroons mature pair,spawning long term,not...
  15. Anemones & Clownfish
    i just came across a couple of these little guys and was wondering if anyone has had any first hand experience with them. i would really appreciate any info anyone has thanks :victory:
  16. The Lounge
    http://www.michiganreefers.com/forums/selling-forums/105337-online-swap-benefit-dlberlin.html This is a wonderful idea. I'll be sure to help out in some way! If everyone is able to pitch in it would be great!
  17. Announce Frag Meets & Swaps
    Many of us have heard the news about Debbie and have figured out a way to help in the form of a Online swap. For those who have not heard can read about it here. http://www.michiganreefers.com/forums/lounge/105077-debs-cerebral-aneurysm-update.html The link to the Online...
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    Many of Debbie's friend have asked how they can help and this as a community is what we have come up with. Friends can donate corals in this thread where the proceeds go directly to Debs Paypal account. Additional info can be found...
  19. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I will be using a workhorse 5 in my retro t5 HO kit. 24" bulbs retrofit over a 30g tank (30x12x18) I will be purchasing the bulbs Friday and i already have the ballast, Icecap reflectors and waterproof end caps. all in a custom built canopy. Bulbs will be Front: ATI Blue+ KZ Fiji Purple ATI...
  20. Livestock Breeding
    24 hrs post hatch gut 36 hrs post hatch More details here: Breeding Journal, Species: Chromis Viridis