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  1. Reef Discussion
    Had an awesome holiday only to come home to a non operating fish tank. Been running an apex since july with no hiccups. It lost power probably thursday, i am thinking, havent checked fusion yet. No alert was sent, like it always has when i power was cycled. I know never to rely on this and...
  2. Selling Forums
    Ins135, wifi led, wp25, dosing pump, return pump Downsizing for the time being as things are getting a little too busy to properly enjoy a Reef Tank. So selling off my complete system. Everything listed is in perfect working order. The tank has no scratches that I can find and was just taken...
  3. Selling Forums
    New never used Bubble Magus BM-T11 Bubble Magus BM-T12 $425 for both local pickup. $450 shipped. https://www.seasideaquatics.com/?p=1019 This series is a new addition to the Bubble Magus line and are NOT replacement for the original Bubble Magus doser (BM-T01 and...
  4. Water Chemistry
    I'm looking for some opinions/experiences regarding using the bulk 2 Part and Magnesium from BRS. I've been using the Aquavitro products for a while now and I'm having great luck with them, but they are awfully pricey. I'm considering switching over to the BRS products and mixing it myself to...
  5. Trading Forums
    I received these in part of a trade, I already have a Kore 5th doser... I would like to trade for a small colony to put in my nano. Plugged them in dry to test, the motor runs/turns as needed. prefer nice darker colored sps...(Not dark brown or green ;)
  6. Selling Forums
    20150820_161642_zpsf7ne41sv.jpg Photo by hkgar1 | Photobucket These pumps are virtually brand new, I have bee dosing CA and ALK with them for about 4 months. Selling because I am going to add vinegar dosing and will get the bubble magus with 3 pumps. BRS 2 Part Doser Specs Silent...
  7. Selling Forums
    Hello Reefers... got a few extra equipment around that I can get rid of: Hanna Calcium & Alk Checkers, used less, comes with reagents - $35 each -SOLD BRS dosing pumps - Qty-2 - $35 each Refractometer - $15 Coralife Digital Power Center - $10 100gpd - RO/DI system - changed out the media & DI...
  8. Selling Forums
    For Sale- *NEW* Bulk Reef Supply 2 Part Calcium and Alkalinity Package with Dosers. This is the total package used to maintain calcium and alkalinity. I opted for the Space Saver bottles instead of the standard mixing jugs which adds about $20 bucks to the BRS price. All items are new and in...
  9. Want to Buy
    Like title states, Looking to buy an Apex system and some dosers to go with it for 2 part additives. Thought ill check here and see if someone has one that they are looking to part with before going full retail for one. Let me know.
  10. Reef Discussion
    Looking for advice on a 2-part dosing regiment for my tank.
  11. Advanced Topics
    I am using the BRS 2-part dosers hooked to a reefkeeper lite. As you know, the BRS 2-part system involves mixing 1 gallon of alkalinity, 1 gallon of calcium and 1 gallon of magnesium. I dose equal parts of alkalinity and calcium each night on staggered timers to prevent precipitation. It is my...
  12. SPS Keepers
    after spending my first couple of months reefing being confused why everyone loved those colorful fuzzy sticks, i've been bit by the bug and am picking up my first SPS frags soon. i just have a couple of questions for yall: 1) are ca/alk dosers a requirement for keeping SPS? i've got plenty of...
  13. Selling Forums
    I have a Bulk Reef Supply 2 Part Doser for sale. It has never been used before and is in excellent condition. Here is the product description: BRS 2 Part Doser ? 1.1 mL per minute - Bulk Reef Supply $50
1-14 of 29 Results