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  1. Selling Forums
    He is 2-3" or so and in great health. He is living in my refugium because he loves eating coral. Very fond of Pocillopora but I also saw him grazing on a few monti and a mili. Would not even try him in a reef. $60, would consider a trade for coral not interested in fish
  2. Other Invertebrates
    Yesterday before I headed out i noticed my Urchin kind of close to my frag rack but didn't think much of it. I have had him since I started my tank, he was a hitchhiker. Woke up and he was sucking/eating on my frags. The 4th one I guess from over the night. He like ate all the flesh from them...
  3. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    This is an image of the creature I found in my tank late last night...it is highly attracted to light, about 2 inches long black on the top and has a white abdomen, it took me about 30 mins to peel if off my tank. It was attached to my hammer coral about 45 mins after my lights went out...
  4. Reef Discussion
    how do i get rid of these pest it seems while my son was taking care of my tank over the last 2 months they have taken over and have a foot hold ..I would like to take all the rock out and strip it clean it and put it back in the Summer since i am coral free now..any ideas on how to do this...
  5. Reef Discussion
    Not sure where they came from, buy how do I get rid of them? I heard to put a harlequin shrimp in there, but I'm not sure if it will eat them because they're so small
  6. New to the Hobby
    I am learning something new nearly every day...today I learned one of my new EG crabs has apparently developed a taste for coral. I caught him picking at one of my trumpet corals (which has become pretty chewed up looking the past two days), and my acan has one head nearly picked clean. Should...
  7. Other Invertebrates
    I've got two tuxedo urchins eating my red turf algae like it's candy. I'd like to mix it up a little in the other tank with some urchins. Q:Are all urchins reef safe? If not, which ones should I watch out for at the lfs? Q: Do any urchins eat detritus? Q:Are there some urchins that eat...
  8. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    hello i finely cought this mean crab after watching him eat hunders of dollers of coral (zoas) but i cant I.D. him can any one help me out.!!!!:close_tema:
  9. Reef Discussion
    i got a blue xenia the other day. My urchin decided to eat half of it. I thought urchins wernt supposed to eat coral. Anyone else ever have a urchin eating your coral?
  10. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    This is on my glass and from my angle it resembles (on its back) a star we already have had for a few weeks. Its about a quarter inch in size and really made me feel like my tank is doing great so far. Not a big deal to most but it is to me..... Chas
  11. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    I found this on the overflow while searching for coral eating peppermint shrimp when the moonlights were on in my tank. It didn't like the light at all so I let it sit in the dark for a while and grabbed the camera. It disappeared quickly and without a flash this was the best of the lot of the...
  12. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    I have something in my tank that is eating my coral and killing my fish. All of my frags that I cut have chunks taken out of them or are getting draged to the back of the tank. The other day I notice a white tube lilke web that went from an eaten coral to the back of the tank. I'll try to get...
  13. Advanced Topics
    so i was thinking about getting rid of my blue jewel puffer (puff daddy) yesterday because he was eating my coral, especially the orange cap i got the other day. so i go to feed the fish tonight and he is missing, i looked everywhere for him but nothing. i have a big tank so he might be hiding...
  14. Reef Discussion
    my buddy just started his big tank back up and wants to buy some of my fish!!! ha ha ha yes i get to buy more lol... i meet all the requirements for these fish but have a few questions... for sure i would like to buy a flame angle.. are they invert safe?(i know all fish are different, just the...
  15. New to the Hobby
    New to the hobby and have a question on bristle worms. I’ve seen about a dozen small ones in the tank, but yesterday I saw one that was about 10 to 12 inches long. I have a green star polyp in the tank and plan on putting more coral in, but have heard that large bristle worms can attack the...
  16. Softies & LPS
    hi all I woke up this morning and was looking at my tank and doing the feeding and noticed my frogspawn wasn't looking good at all :( it looks like it was burned by somthing or eaten and was wondering if you had any ideas what may have caused the dammage the polyp tenticals that are close by...
1-16 of 35 Results