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  1. Want to Buy
    Looking to pickup a few. PM or text me @ 734-725-985O if you have any or know of a LFS that has them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Seahorses & Pipefish
    The fish store isn’t selling the seahorses fast enough so I am offering the last 20 for free. I desperately need the tank free for new fry. I will be selling and shipping the new batches so this will be the only chance to get some free. These are captive bred, tank raised Erectus seahorses...
  3. Seahorses & Pipefish
    I now have a deal with a pet store to sell my seahorses. For anyone still wanting one or two free you must pick them up by Sunday, July 15. Please contact me ahead of time to make sure I will be home. It will be on a first come, first serve basis.
  4. Want to Buy
    Looking to naturally get rid of some aiptasia in my tank. Haven't had much luck with peppermint shrimp. Anyone selling/ know of people selling aiptasia eating nudibranch. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Seahorses & Pipefish
    I am giving away Erectus seahorses. These are 7-9 months old and eating frozen mysis. There is a limit of two per person to avoid pet shops making money off of me and you must pick them up. They are free so I will not deliver. You must have a cycled 30 gallon saltwater tank or they...
  6. New to the Hobby
    This guy has been in the Bayer dip cup for over an hour now and still alive. I did a .5 ml Bayer to almost two cups. Noticed it was still running around so I added 1ml more. Now I added 5ml more and it's still going. Is this normal?
  7. Seahorses & Pipefish
    I have had my seahorse tank for almost a year. I’d like to get this forum going again. Are there any seahorse people out there? I currently have Erectus seahorses. 2 females and 2 males. They are very social and have very distinct personalities. Tank mates include 2 peppermint shrimp and...
  8. Selling Forums
    Decided to sell my precious Kidako Eel. I had planned on setting up a larger tank specifically for him because he keeps growing, but decided to spend the extra time and money on getting my daughters seahorse systems going. I've been putting that off for far too long. Have had him for over 6...
  9. Seahorses & Pipefish
    Is anyone interested in buying young seahorses in Michigan? These are captive bred by me. I have 11 that are 7 months old and in two or three months will have over 30 more. I do not have a business, but got lucky in raising some babies that my adults had. If interested please let me know...
21-29 of 500 Results