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  1. Fish Only & Aggressive Tanks
    Picked up a pair of crosshatch triggers last weekend. They were eating when purchased, now they have not eaten since acclimated. They are swimming around fine and acting okay. Have tried a variety of foods with no luck. Any suggestions?
  2. Premium Aquatics
    20% OFF Easy Reef Masstick & DKI Marine Pellets* One of the most popular foods so far this year. Masstick will get even the most pickiest fish eating and for the community fish their pellets work great as well. Sale ends Midnight 2/28/17...
  3. Fish Disease Treatment
    Powder blue looked fine last night today he has a large white spot on his side which appears fuzzy. Not sure if he scraped it / got in a fight with another tang and his mucus is covering it of if it's more. He is eating good just fine and acting normal...the cleaners (wrasse, goby and shrimp)...
  4. Selling Forums
    SOLD I have a massive green brittle star I have had for at least 5 years maybe 18" wide. It is so big I started suspecting it of eating fish so religated it to the fuge. Now I want to religate a flounder to the fuge too as I suspect it as well. Free to the first taker, who isnt super far...
  5. Fish Disease Treatment
    Hello everyone! I know I haven't been on in a while, been swamped with work and school. My tank is doing very well. Almost won my 2 year battle against Bryopsis! There is only a little bit sticking around on my frag rack (that also has 300 blue hornets on it ***61514;). Ill update my member...
  6. Anemones & Clownfish
    I have a clown fish recently purchased and he isn't eating. He takes it in and spits it out. Anything I can do to get him to eat? Feeding spirilina brine shrimp frozen. Thanks.
  7. Vendor Experiences
    I'm not going to go into all the detail of how he does it, but will say all the fish I've gotten from Watercolors Aquarium Gallery are still alive and healthy, and were from the day I got them. I know how frustrating it is seeing that one fish you want, then right next to him is a fish full of...
  8. Want to Buy
    Looking for really cheap SPS, LPS, and softie frags to feed my butterflyfish. Also willing to take/buy Aiptaisia covered stuff. If you have a coral covered in zoa eating nudibranches or a monti covered in flatworms I'll gladly feed the coral and the pest to my butterflies. Not looking to pay a...
  9. Reef Discussion
    So my last tank was started with a lot of uncured rock directly out of the ocean. Put it right in the display and let it cure for about 6 months. I had so many pods, worms, shrimp, different caulerpa, sponges, and all that kind of stuff it was crazy. This time, I started with all dry rock...
  10. Trading Forums
    I have two Pterois Lions about 6 or 7 inches and a Miles lionfish about 5" all very fat and eating well. I have had them for 7 to 8 months and I looking to trade them for a dosing pump
  11. Selling Forums
    I have a few fish I'm looking to re-home. I have two Pterois Lions about 6 or 7 inches $45ea and a Miles lionfish about 5" all very fat and eating well. $65 Two Large Frogspwan $25ea One large Hermit Crab $15 All for $150
  12. Zoanthid
    Anybody know of something that will eat them
  13. Livestock Breeding
    Well I'm happy to post that almost three weeks Tuesday my clowns are healthy and happy. They hatched on May 9th at 10pm. I estimate that when hatched I had approximately 60-70. However after the first 48 hours I had 50ish. I did notice on the ones that died just after hatching their tails were...
  14. Reef Discussion
    Just spotted a few flatworms in my system. It's a mixed reef. The worms are super tiny and brown. Anyone know how to kill these SOB's?
  15. Seahorses & Pipefish
    I'm getting ready to start up a 75 gallon hexagon tank for seahorses. I've done lots of research and still have a few things to pick up (HOB overflow and chiller in particular) and build (Algae Scrubber), but I think I should be ready in the next couple months to get water in the tank. Just...
  16. Selling Forums
    TANK sold SAND $15 PER BUCKET ROCKS TOTAL 35-40 LBS $50 FOR ALL BRS REACTORsold FRAG TANK 20x20x10 $60Price Reduced 120 ACRYLIC TANK W/ DUE OVERFLOW INCLUDES STAND AND CANAPE 4x2x2 $500 Price Reduced If you would like more pictures than the one above, PM or text me at 313-778-1962...
  17. Reef Fish
    I have 2 young spotted mandarins in my tank. They are both eating very well from a feeding trough that is restocked at least 3 times a day and swimming all over the place. My question is, since they are too young to tell if they are male/female yet, what BEHAVIOR exactly should I look for? The...
  18. Want to Buy
    Looking for a pair or 2 of seahorses must be eating frozen also a pair of pipefish setting up a pony tank for the daughter so if you have any for sale or know of a good local source plz lmk also looking for gorgonian an nice looking macros as well Thanks Ray
  19. Want to Buy
    Willing to travel up to an hour. I can pay cash or trade corals or dry goods, whatever you need. Also if you know any stores that have 1 in Stock let me know. THANKS! !! Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  20. Selling Forums
    Hey everyone, First time post. Is anyone is interested in a very healthy Pygmy angel. Super healthy and to be honest love um. A joy to have but along with eating everything I put in he loves my hammer coral as well. Yes, I know. I'm aware of the risk and will let him nip at it if I don't find a...