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  1. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    So my hydor 300 watt heater went on the fritz a while back and my choices were a 250 watt eheim jager or nothing. so in the sump it went. went thru all the "turn the red ring when you verify the temp stuff" to where the ring was set right at 78 and it was 78.3 degrees in the tank via a digital...
  2. Selling Forums
    Only 2 years old 90 gallon aga aquarium with black silicone seals. Undrilled. Great condition very clear no scratches. Stand and hood are home custom built from sturdy 2x4 frame and skinned with cherry doors, deep ebony finish looks very nice (mission style). (tank and stand only $300) price...
  3. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Ok this is the deal ive tried 3 heaters 2 stealths and some other brand all new, I put heater on 75 and my water temp goes to 83-84 first time I thought it was a bad heater then again I thought bad now again its doing the same with 3rd heater. Also I tried 3 different thermometer s I dont even...
  4. Do It Yourself
    I made myself a canopy for my 55 a few months ago and it is already all out of wack the evaporation or something no salt creep or anything but the wood is all pulling apart. I have it together by wood glue and nail gun nails. I don't know what to do to keep it together I don't really wanna have...
  5. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    My heater stuck on and fried my tank for my BC 14g Mantis tank.....Tetra 100W. Have the same heater for my NC 24g reef. Want replace ASAP. Any recommendations? Want to take precautions and prevent this disaster from occuring again! Thanks for the help.... BigKev
  6. Reef Discussion
    I came home late last night and checked on my BC 14g Mantis shrimp tank, always like to say Hi to the lil fella. Tank was smoking hot and Mantis deceased. I could'nt believe it. This was my most beloved pet.... The heater was a Tetra 100w....submersible...Now Im freaking out because, I have the...
  7. Members Tanks
    Well, after some coaxing by a few members, I have decided to finally throw together a build thread even though the build is pretty much complete. Some of you may have seen some of the stand build progress in my diy thread. Figured I would write up some info on the tank and start to progress out...
  8. Reef Discussion
    What is the best one?
  9. Selling Forums
    All equipment purchased new a year ago and works great. Could use a good cleaning. Eheim 1262 - $75 Ebo Jager 250W heather - $10/ea
  10. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy or trade for a large heater for my water mixing setup. I'm really looking for 250 watts or more but would take a few 150's. Doesn't have to have a controller or working thermostat as is will be plugged into a ranco. I have zoo's and sps for trade or can give cash. I travel alot...
1-10 of 10 Results