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  1. Selling Forums
    Have a 90 gallon glass sump for sale has 2 sock holders, baffles, and place for egg create. 48" x 18" x 24" $50 or trade for 48" led light for a fresh tank! 810-813-3242 text for pics. Ryan
  2. New to the Hobby
    hello all i have really been wanting to get back into the hobby. i cant decide on how big of a tank i wanna go with so i was thinking about setting up a stock tank in my basement so i could get the cycle going and get some rock started and then i could take my time getting a tank figured out. i...
  3. Want to Buy
    Looking for zoas, polys, and mushrooms frags as first corals in my tank since being fish only for the last couple years. Looking for some nice colorful pieces pm me.
  4. Livestock Breeding
    So I've had my tank setup for almost 2 years with the same 2 clown fish, just noticed tonight there are eggs on the bottom side of my power head. Will get pictures 2moro but I'm going to stop n pick up some live rotifer 2moro n try n hatch these guys. I've got a small 5g tank setup with an air...
  5. Selling Forums
    Have sold tank and Livestock, now i need to get rid of rest, Rodi Kent Maxxima 4 stage, 75$ or best food grade water storage with float shut off 40$ or best , ( to store filtered water). heaters, crushed coral sand, sump tank, ground for tank, ph monitor, many more items , would be great...
  6. Selling Forums
    Few equipment items for sale. I will be at the lansing swap if anyone wants to reserve anything for pick up there 1. 15g frag tank (18x18x10) with egg crate frag racks, pump and biocube stand - $200 2. Radion xr15w pro gen 3, both lenses included - SOLD 3. Sb reef led 16" wifi model with...
  7. Selling Forums
    All sold thank you everyone plz close
  8. Selling Forums
    I am selling my high end zoa collection, with another baby coming in next few weeks I could use the money. The number after name is polyp count a lot might have more now, then price after for entire zoa on disk. I priced them super cheap to move them. If you get multiple you get a better deal...
  9. Selling Forums
    It's that time of year again. I've got a bunch of equipment I'm not using anymore that I'd like cleared out of the basement. Happy to show proof of functionality or post pictures if you'd like. Willing to entertain reasonable offers as well. BRS deluxe GFO & carbon reactor with around 1/2-3/4...
  10. Selling Forums
    I priced everything fairly and below the full retail price per polyp. Zoanthids 4 polyps Candy Apple red - $80 ---- market price $120 5 polyps blondes -$75 ---- market price $125 14 polyp fruit loop - $100 ---- market price $140-210 12 polyp scrambled egg - $60 ---- market price $120 1 polyp...
  11. Reef Discussion
    I have a small 29gal tank with 55pounds of live rock. I gave a sorted corals and three fish. Two yellow tail damsels and a blue chorus. There are no predators so my biodiversity of life is high. Well I was checking it out about ten day ago and noticed a few little fry. No yolk sacks or anything...
  12. Selling Forums
    This WSB female catshark is a 1 year old 15 inch perfect shark! I have had her since she was in a egg. She has out grown my reef. She eats krill, shrimp , squid , scallops and fish. I'm looking to get 100.00 for her. SOLD
  13. Members Tanks
    After 5 years in the hobby I've decided to upgrade to a larger aquarium. I have had my ups and downs in reef keeping over the last 5 years and I have learned a lot along the way. I decided to go all out and make this tank exactly how I want it. This will be an all SPS tank. I'm still in the...
1-13 of 160 Results