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  1. Livestock Breeding
    So I've had my tank setup for almost 2 years with the same 2 clown fish, just noticed tonight there are eggs on the bottom side of my power head. Will get pictures 2moro but I'm going to stop n pick up some live rotifer 2moro n try n hatch these guys. I've got a small 5g tank setup with an air...
  2. Selling Forums
    Foxface - $40 Blue Tang - $40 Yellow Tang - $80 Blue Dot Jawfish (2"-3") - $150 Small Blue with Yellow Tail Damsel - Free Size reference... That magnet cleaner is 4" x 2"
  3. Other Invertebrates
    I have 4 Sepia Bendensis (Dwarf Cuttles) that i have hatched from eggs, they are roughly 9 months old now and should be in the stage of potentially mating, not sure if anyone here has experience with this but i am just looking for signs and tips for helping the process. All four have been kept...
  4. Seahorses & Pipefish
    FREE! I think this little guy is pregnant! Since I will no longer be able to raise fry, I am making a list of anyone interested in trying. You will need a tank, air pump, airline, aquarium salt, brine shrimp eggs to hatch and something to enrich the brine shrimp after they hatch. A 5-10...
  5. Selling Forums
    I have some frags available, can meet at flint swap Rastas-$5 pp ASD Angel tears - $7 pp all pending Scrambled eggs-$7 pp few left Nirvana -$10 pp few left Gobstoppers-$5pp Sunny d- $5 pp 2 Hollywood stunner chalice 5 inches or bigger- $25 each one left Rainbow acan enchinata -$35 sold Toxic...
  6. Reef Discussion
    Cancel post... Sent from my Note 8
  7. Selling Forums
    ALL LIVESTOCK CURRENTLY PENDING Selling all my remaining livestock. Pictures are numbered to match list. Best way to reach me is by text: 313-590-3407 Fish: Melanurus Wrasse (approx. 3 inches) - $30 Tomini Tang (approx. 2 inches) - $30 Corals: #2 Cherry Corals Bulletproof Elegance (~6" x 6")...
  8. Selling Forums
    I am selling my clownfish, I believe they called them Black Ice, you might know better from the photos. I am breaking down my tank and they are the last to go. They are a mating pair and have been laying eggs on a regular basis. I am willing to take $125 for the pair. send a note to...
  9. Selling Forums
    Premium Black Ice clownfish pair, Bicolor Blennie, Cleaner Shrimp OK, I have two Black Ice Clownfish for sale. They are very nice and I love them, but I have been battling a algae problem, and the algae is winning. I'm just going to shut it down and sell everything. These are the first to go up...
  10. Seahorses & Pipefish
    Is anyone raising red volcano shrimp for their seahorses? I started with about 20 a year ago and have around 50 now. As they are slow growing I think it will be a while before I can use them for “treats”. I do not do much in the way of maintenance other than clean the front of my tank so I...
  11. Selling Forums
    Lighting breeding pair for sale $250 Lighting Maroon female - 4" Yellow stripe Maroon male - 1 1/2" Laying eggs every couple weeks. ( I am retiring from breeding clowns) Text me for picture & video - 245-515-1958, [email protected] Pick up Hamlin & Rochester Rd. Thanks, Boon
1-12 of 112 Results