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    Call or text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001. Updated 10-Mar (3:00pm) MRC macroalgae reactor (DIY) $40 18" tall and 4" diameter. Grows quite a bit of chaeto! Miscellaneous: Red Sea pro test kits - algae control pro; coral colors pro - $10 for both
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    Getting out for a while and selling off the rest of pumps I have. All items are used but still work. I can plug in and demonstrate any or all items when you show up. Some are dirtier than others and may need a good clean. These came from a main set up I had 2 years ago. 1. Auto Top off, still...
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    15% OFF EHEIM HEATERS, FEEDER, WATER PUMPS Black Friday sale starts now on Eheim products, 15% off. Expires midnight 11/30/2020. https://premiumaquatics.com/search?search=EHEIM HYDROS CONTROL in STOCK They have arrived. Limited inventory, ready to ship...
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    75 gallon aquarium (drilled, back is painted blue, includes glass top and original lights) with oak stand - $300 or best [aquarium dimensions are 48"x20"x18" & the stand is 50"x20"x30"] Eheim1260 Universal Pump (640 GPH) - $30 Additional pictures can be found here:
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    Hello, I have a Korallin C1502 for sale (with Eheim 1048 pump) - rated for up to 400 gallons Also have some spare parts: additional inlet part additional eheim additional secondary chamber. $250 Text for fastest response. 734-658-7924
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    Used calcium reactor from reef dynamics works well with Eheim pump, sufficient to maintain 500+ gallon system asking for $250 obo
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    $150 for the set up - great for first tank or quarantine tank 26 gallon bow front tank (14 3/4”x24”x21”) This set included > hanging Protein skimmer (you will need to get a new motor) > 24” Wave point T5 Fluorescent lighting 48watt (in very good condition) > Circulation & wave pump > Eheim...
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    75 gallon aquarium (drilled, back is painted blue, includes glass top and original lights) with oak stand - $350 or best [aquarium dimensions are 48"x20"x18" & the stand is 50"x20"x30"] Eheim1260 Universal Pump (640 GPH) - $60 I kept getting an error when trying to upload pictures here so...
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    110 Gallon Tall $250 110-gallon Tall tank from Peruses, stand, custom acrylic sump, Canopy, Eheim pump $300 $250
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    Some Misc equipment for sale: 1) RODI systems. From AirWaterIce & Water General. May need some misc parts to get both up and running. cartridges shown in the AirWaterIce system are less than 1 month old. Brand new SpectraPure 99% rejection rate membrane and flow restrictor ($60 brand new)...
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    Looking for some advice. I bought a Marineland 75g reef ready tank earlier this year. I thought it should be able to handle a 700gph pump. I've tried an Eheim 1260, and just now a Sicce 2.0 (568gph) and both of them run the return section dry. I've got the valve wide open on the overflow...
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    Need advise for heater(s) for 140 gallon tank. 1 or 2, total wattage and best (most reliable) manufacturers. Thanks in advance. Setting up a Red Sea Max S-500
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    Looking for a non working eheim jagger 300 watt heater, I need the glass sleeve.
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    Decided to part out...here is what's left: - Marineland corner overflow 75g display - $100 - SOLD - solid oak stand - SOLD - custom canopy (no doors) - SOLD - 55 gallon sump w/ three chambers - $50 - eheim 1260 return pump - SOLD - Fluval sea 1400gph powerhead - SOLD - Euroreef protein...
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    Eheim:https://premiumaquatics.com/products/eheim-everyday-turtle-feeder-brand.html https://premiumaquatics.com/products/eheim-micro-mini-internal-power-filter-pump-brand.html TLF:https://premiumaquatics.com/products/fishies-nutrigorg-30g-expired-42018.html...
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    Sold-155 Gallon Full Setup $800 Multiple moves in the next few years so I have to downsize the tank. For sale is the following: $800 takes everything 155 Gallon Deep Sea Aquatics aquarium- 72.5L x 24.5W x 21.5H Custom 36 in. tall black wood stand Trigger Systems Emerald 39 Sump Skimz 201...
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    I have a c3002 Korallin calcium reactor that is to large for my 50 gallon tank. Korallin C3002 Specifications Rated for up to 800gal. Reactor height: approx. 28.00";(with pump on top) Diameter: 4.50"; Ground: 6.30"; Filling amount: 6 kgs (13.2lbs); Eheim 1048 Pump. Reactor, pump, regulator...
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    SOLD - Media Reactor SOLD thanks
1-19 of 186 Results