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  1. Selling Forums
    Finishing the breakdown of my 220 2 Tunze 6105 w/extra wide stream shrouds, light sensor and 7092 controller 350.00 1 Tunze 7091 20.00 Mag 3 with extra Mag 5 impeller 30.00 Pan World pump NH40PX 55.00 text is best 616 893 1663
  2. Selling Forums
    Hello everyone its time for me to get out of the hobby :sad:. I am first starting out with selling some of my extra equipment here is my cell 734-771-6455 for pics. please don't low ball price will negotiate within reason Thank you Ron x3 Gen X PCX-40 PUMPS $ 50.00 EA X1 Iwaki MD-70-RLT...
  3. Want to Buy
    Really have a need for an electronic Metal Halide ballast (250W) . Let me know what you have pictures preferred, PM me a price . I would like to get this done this week.
  4. Want to Buy
    Recently one of my 250W halide ballasts quit working...temporarily using an extra electronic ballast but the radium bulbs look much better under M80 HQI ballasts. So if anyone has one laying around let me know please! Thanks.
  5. Selling Forums
    Selling (2) Glo Glo Electronic Ballast, 2-54W, (T5) this will make a 4 bulb set up i also have 4 of the GLO Reflectors but you would have to buy a few new clips for them i just stopped using them today as i went with LED lights i also have 4 ATI t-5 bulbs that still have about 3 months left in...
  6. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    have had this running without issue for awhile now, unit is about 1-2 yrs old. Now the display just showing ERROR and not displaying clearly. There are some black lines on it. I've tried resetting everything, unplugging the modules, etc as well and everytime the head unit powers back up, it...
  7. Selling Forums
    For sale: 2 x 250 HQI Metal Halide fixtures. Ice Cap reflectors and Lumatek electronic ballasts: $100/each, $200/pair or make an offer. Spare bulbs (14,000K) included. I made a simple hanger for these which you can see in the first pic. If you want to take that too, it's yours. Everything...
  8. Selling Forums
    70 Gallon with stand and lights. Final price... This is a custom built stand and canopy with a 75 gallon flat back hex acrylic tank with overflow and a 250 watt metal halide light with electronic ballast. Canopy also has 2 24watt t5 460nm lights and built in fan for cooling. Stand and canopy...
  9. Selling Forums
    I am selling: Coralife 48 Inch Aqualight Deluxe Series -Double Linear Strip with two 65 watt Actinic and two 65 watt 10,000K Compact Fluorescent Lamps. (Each lamp has 2 bulbs) -Electronic Ballast and Cooling fans -Highly Polished Reflector -2 On/Off Switches Asking 125.00 OBO.. PM me or...
  10. Want to Buy
    One of my ballasts went bad on my school tank. Looking to see if anyone has a 400 watt electronic ballast laying around.
  11. Selling Forums
    All Used Equipment: 2- Coral Vue Lumen Bright Reflectors-----$100 a piece, 2- Coral Vue Lumen Bright Mini-Reflectors----$125 a piece, 4-Coral Vue 250 watts MH Electronic Ballast---- $90 a piece, Red Sea Wave Master Pro----$80,:rolleyes: 2- Spider Reflectors---$15
  12. Selling Forums
    sold- 72" Hamilton MH/VHO fixture. It takes three 250w SE MH bullbs, and two 165w VHO bulbs. The magnetic halide ballasts are good, the vho ballast is bad. I took out the vho bulbs and ran it with 20k mh only. A deal at $100. still available - Hamilton 250w SE MH pendant, with ARO electronic...
  13. Selling Forums
    I have for sale a metal halide lamp fixture (don't know brand) with 2 x 250W MH 20,000K ushio bulbs and 2 x 96W power compacts; all lights working and in great shape, lamp has 2 exhaust fans and hanging kit, I will throw in 4 extra power compact bulbs (2 used); the lamp has glass cover and is...
  14. Selling Forums
    I am posting this for a buddy thats out of our hobby . Everything is in excellent and good working condition. 3-24" aluminum T-5 reflectors $5 ea 6- T5 endcaps $8 pr. 1- Icecap 660 electronic ballast $50 1- Coralife 50 GPD R.O. filters are aprox. 8 month old $50 sold 1- CPR bak-pak2 protein...
  15. Selling Forums
    DE 250watt hamilton cayman pendant with lumatek 250watt multi watt electronic ballast. Both are approx 2yrs old fixture has a 3 month old pheonix 14000k bulb in it. In good condition, just upgraded tanks and im running t5s now. Asking $150.00 Thanks for looking, Brant
  16. Selling Forums
    175w mogul pendant MH w/ electronic ballast and 2slightly(3-6 months) used XM 15k and 1 new 14k Hamilton bulbs- $65 250w mogul pendant MH w/Hamilton m58 ballast 2used 14k bulbs- $65 PM or text please 231-881-2385 Thanks!
  17. Selling Forums
    Hello I have 2x HQI pendants with pheonix 14k hexarc bulbs that are 3 mo old and powered by an ice cap 250 w electronic pulse start ballast for sale. 100 each 4x maxijet 1200 three months old, with magnet mounts. This is for both the maxi and magnet mount. 30/each. now 25 each I can text pics...
  18. Selling Forums
    Cleaning out some of my old lighting that I no longer have a use for. All items are in good working condition, and everything is about 3-4 years old. Power compact 2 x 55 wt retrofit. Comes with dual ballast, sockets w/ cords, individual reflectors, an old used bulb, and the required...
  19. Selling Forums
    SOLD Must go as complete set. Great for any coral or planted tank enthusiast. Easily covers 2 feet x 2 feet area with approximately 300-500 PAR depending on bulb selection (suggest reeflux 12k). Coralvue 250W electronic ballast, Lumenarc Stealth Pendant, One used 6mo old 10K generic...
  20. Selling Forums
    Metal hallide fixture - MARISTAR 48IN 500W HQI $200 I'm selling my 500w metal halide fixture, asking $200. This light is amazing, you can grow any coral, keep any clam or anenome. I had this fixture over my 120g for over two years and couldn't be happy with it. I decided to go to LED's to save...
1-20 of 22 Results