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  1. Selling Forums
    Mag Drive 1800 GPH - $55 Mag Drive 1800 GPH. $55 shipped Used in a tank that I tore down almost as soon as I put it up. Less then 2 weeks of use on this. Would also consider trades. Looking for an elegance coral or bubble coral.
  2. Selling Forums
    Sold......anenome is very healthy! 4 plus inches open $40. Pearlscale butterfly, just under 3 inches is very healthy! Eats frozen and pellets. $20 Txt me for pics or questions John 734-5six4-three 809
  3. Want to Buy
    Have my eye on one at a lfs but thought I'd see if anyone had one fs. Can meet at the swap. PM me
  4. Want to Buy
    Got the perfect corner to fill. Haven't found one in any local stores, anybody got one you'd like to sell, or spotted one lately in store? I'm in the middle of Michigan, so I don't usually make it much further south than Lansing.
  5. Reef Discussion
    I noticed that my corals were not looking so good over the last couple of days. Turns out my ammonia is at .1! I moved some rocks around and added some sand 2 weeks ago, and apparently this has caused a mini-cycle. I did a 35% water change and dumped 5 times the normal dose of Prime, but I'm...
  6. Softies & LPS
    Picked this beauty up today. I've wanted one for a while now and found one locally. Price was awesome too! [/URL][/IMG]
  7. Water Chemistry
    Well everyone my adventures in reefkeeping might be over. Every single piece of coral except for zoas and palys died yesterday do to a heater malfunction. Sad thing is is that they were replacements for defective heaters :( My large colony of green birdsnest, acro aspera, ora red planet and blue...
  8. Softies & LPS
    How do you guys keep urs healthy and happy. Also were in the tank do u keep them at
  9. Trading Forums
    As much as i like this guy, i have to get him out of my tank. he's stressing all my other tangs. I don't need any equipment. let me know what you have, I'm open to: xl frogspawn colony xl clams cash large elegance coral
  10. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    Got a friend that wants to know what this is, I personally have no idea anyone have any thoughts?
  11. Selling Forums
    Gorgeous Desjardini Sailfin Tang I can text or email pics of him, he's about 4 inches and has some really nice blue in him. Gorgeous fish, one of the nicest desjardinis I've seen. I'm asking 50 for him
  12. Selling Forums
    I have some eagle eye zoanthid frags, GSP, blue trumpets, red mushrooms and nuclear green mushrooms! Also a very large green elegance, never seen one as nice Lastly I have a really cool dogface puffer, very friendly. Please pm me with any interest.
  13. Selling Forums
    Awesome 7"+ green carpet nem $60 obo have a large green haddons anemone for sale. Looking for $80 OBO. I love it, but it wanders too much and the clowns show no interest. Willing to entertain offers/trade for an elegance coral/acros/acans For fastest response/pics please text me at 6167060864...
  14. Want to Buy
    Hi all I lost my elegance coral and now looking to see if I can buy a new one so if u have one for sell let me know thinks my email is [email protected]
  15. Trading Forums
    I have several frags of dunkens that i would like to trade for other lps, the corals iam interested are torch coral, elegance coral, any kind of acans, plate corals, brain coral etc... Iam also interested on zoas depending on which ones they are. Here is a pic of them. Thanks for watching...
1-15 of 137 Results