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encrusting montipora
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    For Sale two large rocks with meteor shower cyphastrea Edit: The colonies are meteor shower CYPHASTREA not montipora as a member kindly pointed out, mis-identification on my part sorry about that. pictures! lets try this google photos share link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UEXXNWjcEbDf7Sgz8 I...
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    Come on by and buy my corals! Last updated: 2/1/2014 FYI- I live very close to Blue Fish and the Rivertown mall in Grandville. Thanks! 616.648.53(five)(five). Display tank with most of the frags. Mushroom rock: $27 Unknown teal and purple mushroom: $8 $17 A $17 B $14 C Hairy...
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    So I bought an encrusting superman and it's a good sized frag. It was doing well in the bottom of my tank on a rock indirectly getting a decent amount of flow. I have a 29 gal tall tank with Skyye lights 10,000 ( i think) white and then blue skyye lights too. Does it need to be moved up if part...
1-3 of 3 Results