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    LOCATED IN MT PLEASANT,MI. 48858 I've got a couple things I wouldn't mind moving to make room for different things. 1) Softball sized peice of LR with ~90 polyps of Tubb's Blues and ~65 polyps of Red Hornets- $100 2) 5 polyp frag of Tubb's Blues- $15 3) 5 polyp Acan(red/orange) - $20 4) Red...
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    Equip for Sale at the frag meet I moved this to the selling forum where I believe it probably belonged. I would have deleted this post all together if I could figure out how :)
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    Have a Reeflo Orca250 available. Been running this since spring. This thing is a total animal. Rated for 200 - 800 gallons. Going with something a little smaller. Took it off line on Dec 29. Paid $400 for it. I did break the return line pvc and cemented back together. Does not effect...
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    Danner Supreme Aqua Mag 7 Pump (700gph) - $60 Koralia Evolution 1050 - $25 Koralia Nano 240 - $15 API Reef Master Test Kit (bought 2 months ago used maybe 4 times) - $15 4" Mag Float Glass Cleaner - $7 2.5" Mag Float Glass Cleaner - $5 Float Type Hydrometer - $10 Instant Ocean Plastic...
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    Wet-Dry Filter - SeaLife Systems Pro75 - I paid $239.99 (price tag is still on it) - it has an integrated small skimmer, but it missing the pump. Pics available. Asking $100 NOW$50 250w MH Bulbs - XM250 ??K, Ushio 10k, other unknown (Ibroke the tank down 4 years ago and don't remember what...
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    Hi guys. Im looking at a 60g cube. It has a center overflow plumbed in the back. I want to run: an Aquem Proflex #2 sump/refugium (rated for 75g) Bubble Magus bm-nac3+ protein skimmer and for lighting- Eco tech Radion xr 30w G3 led lights (max PAR 900) what are your thoughts, likes and...
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    looking for a small nano light for a 10 gallon im setting up another nano reef need a cheap one let me know. also looking for nano overflow box and return pump to match for a 10 gallon im going to run off my 55 gallon's sumpand some dry or live rock :D text me NIck 269-254-7803
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    got a cheaper stand for a 30 gallon i used its now set up as a sump and hold equip. the stand is all black in good condition. its 31 long, 28 tall and 15 deep. contact me for both the wave maker and stand for a pair of 20$ or seperate. wavemaker5 stand10
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    i got 2 buckets of fish stuff looking to sell all for 35$ or part out 1 bucket of gravel, 1 with some sand for maybe a 5 gallon i got equip such as 2 HOB filters.10$ for pair or 5$ sep. 1 reef octopus nano 80, rated up to 30 gallon skimmer 15$ few decorations5$ or free a couple heaters.10$...
1-9 of 9 Results