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    I'm heading in a new direction with my tank and need to move a couple fish before the new ones come. 4.5" Blue Throat $50 3.5" Huma Huma $45 3" White line trigger $40 15" Banded Moray $100 14" Zebra Moray $100
  2. Selling Forums
    Would like to sell complete set up. Tank has been up and running for 10 plus years. We are going to be selling our home in the near future and the tank is the first thing to go. 150 gallon tank 18x24x72 Royal Gramma Basslet Coral Beauty Blue Hippo Tang (goes by the name of Helen) Banggal...
  3. Want to Buy
    Since facebook cracked down it seems its hard to find fish for sale, anyone here also get into freshwater? Im looking for some different types
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    Beautiful 4+ inch Fiji Bicolor Foxface Rabbitfish for sale. I have had the fish for about 4 months in a mixed reef setup but it recently began nipping at my two Wellsophyllia Radiata brain corals so he has to go. Therefore I would say this fish is not reef safe but would be a great addition...
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    Have Large Koran angel(beginning to change into full adult color-$40 14" snowflake eel-$35 7" banana wrasse-$50-Pending large Durgon Triggerfish-$50 Will give discount if multiple are purchased at once, open to trade for invertebrates and or reef safe fish. Please contact for photos or any...
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    Thinning Brookstock! Helping a fellow breeder who is relocating. All Pairs are over 4 yrs old and have spawned. Each pair $300 plus shipping $50 regardless how many pairs you purchase. 1 Picasso Pair 2 MochaVinci Pairs 1 Snowflakes Pair 1 Snowflake x Picasso 1 Lightning x Wyoming White 1...
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    First listed Solo clowns sold! New listing Black storm pair 1 inch and 2 inch $180 obo Picasso 1.25 to 1.5inch $150obo 248-767-7254 Text for video and price is obo no tire kickers
  8. Selling Forums
    Getting out of the hobby, selling my entire 150gallon setup. (1) 150 Gallon glass tank $100 (1) 40 Gallon sump $50 (1) 72" current orbit loop LED w/ remote and controller $250 (2) Current orbit Eflux wave pumps with controller $120 (1) Triton T5 Return Pump $40 (1) 20 GPD R/O System (2...
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    Premium Black Ice clownfish pair, Bicolor Blennie, Cleaner Shrimp OK, I have two Black Ice Clownfish for sale. They are very nice and I love them, but I have been battling a algae problem, and the algae is winning. I'm just going to shut it down and sell everything. These are the first to go up...
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    I have a Pint Tail Trigger $50, Purple Tang $90, Regal Tang $50, Clown Fish $30, and Stars n Strips Wrasse $30 These are all large full size fish that I have had for many years. All disease free very health fish. Or all for $150 In New Boston Mi. Thanks
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    I have a 3 inch adult female gold nugget maroon clownfish for sale/trade Has layed eggs (picture proof) male jumped out of tank looking for trade for bubble tips nems or sell $150 text me for vid/pics 248-568-0054
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    I have a bonded pair ocellaris clownfish for sale. I had them for more than 3 years. 3" female and 2" for the male. Asking $50.
  13. Selling Forums
    I am selling two clownfish. The have been in the same tank for about 1 year but I don't think they are paired. maroon clownfish (has some yellow so it might be a goldstripe) 20 (about 1.5") occelaris clownfish 20 (about 2.5") or 35 for both (OBO) text is best 5865527198
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    For sale: Maroon clown approx 4". 15.00 Banner Butterfly about 4" $10.00 Mandarin: $15 4 Banggai $5 each 3 Chroma $3 each Anthias $10 Dead rock $10 for 5 gal bucket Breaking down tank and must sell soon!
  15. Selling Forums
    I have a group of fish for sale or trade. Looking to go Reef Safe 3" Singapore Angel $35 4" White Tail Trigger $35 3" Lei Trigger $35 3" Stars and Stripes Puffer $45 6" Teal Smasher Mantis Shrimp $55 12" Yellow headed Fimbriated Moray Eel's (Gymnothorax fimbriatus) $50 Will trade any for...
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    Reefers, I have a 3.5 inch long nose hawk fish for sale. Eats pellets and Mysis and is very healthy and beautiful. $45.00
  17. Selling Forums
    6in one spot foxface $60 6in two barred rabbitfish $60 Prices are OBO If you message me a phone number I can text pictures ---------- Post added 04-14-2017 at 11:09 AM ---------- Call/ text 269-364-4607 for pictures
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    Divinci clownfish pair $100 obo Snowflake clownfish pair $150obo True precula pair $50obo Can send videos for some reason they won't add 517-763-5158
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    All prices firm. (and very very reasonable) 7-8" Blue Hippo from Diverden, cost me $129 -- $60 SOLD Indian Ocean Male Lyretail Anthia, from Diversden -- $30 SOLD Two Blue/Green Chromis -- $10 for both Female Ocellaris + Male Snowflake breeding pair -- $150 Small platinum Clownfish -- $50
  20. Selling Forums
    Beautiful Premium Black Snowflake clownfish for sale. I have had it for 3-4 years and it has never had a mate. It needs a new home with friends to play with. $125.00 or best offer. Text at 586-321-6520. Thanks for looking. Be well!
1-20 of 95 Results