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    We have a JBJ Rimless Flat Panel 65 Gallon with JBJ Stand. Here is a link to the tank and stand RF-65. Everything is included, live rock, fish, corals, (2) AI Prime 16, (2) phosban reactors (one for charcoal and one for phosban. CADLights PLS-50 Elite II skimmer. WILL NOT SEPARATE, DON'T...
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    https://reefbuilders.com/2021/01/19/collection-of-hawaiian-fish-now-completely-shut-down/#:~:text=Last%20week%20a%20ruling%20came,permits%20for%20commercial%20aquarium%20fishing. Wow, I never thought I would see a full ban. Wonder if other collection sites will be closed in the near future.
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    everything is sold
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    Previous post done wrong - sorry. $25 or trade for coral - Needs to be gone today. He was trapped this morning and is floating around the tank in a critter keeper. My son is devastated but this fish has developed a taste for $$$ Eddie is a verified SPS muncher - needs to go to a FOWLR...
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    delete thread
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    Have to start the breakdown of my 150-gallon tank. Royal gramma basslet 25.00 Coral beauty 45.00 Blue hippo tang 75.00 Banggai cardinalfish 35.00 2 clownfish black/white and orange/white 25.00 each 3 large bulb tip anemone 70.00 each large red mushroom coral 60.00 Also have about 120# of live...
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    Sold: Nano Cube 28 Package $250 obo Nano Cube 28 Gallon Salt Water Aquarium Package: $175 or best offer. Trying to sell as package before I separate anything. If I decide to separate, I will update the post Comes with Nano Cube 28, Stand, Hood/light system, and all the extras Below. No...
  8. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    Is this tang family?
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    Selling Black Durgeon Trigger. In process of catching, pics available upon request. 5"-6", fat and healthy. $25, willing to meet within reason.
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    I’ve been away from the saltwater hobby for three years, but recently started again. I haven’t been here since then. They were my “go to”. I was disappointed when I went today. The tanks were algae covered ( even the front glass), very few fish to choose from unless you’re looking for clowns...
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    BLACK FRIDAY SALE Black Friday is O-FISH-ALLY HERE. All non MAP items are 18% OFF. Every MAP deal we could find is up and running. Enjoy the sale. https://premiumaquatics.com/content/exclusions 20% OFF Simplicity Skimmers & Pumps Sale starts 11/27 to Midnight 11/30/2020...
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    In Today's video, we are taking a look at Brightwell Aquatics Reef Blizzard food Corals, Fish, and Invertebrates... Just about everything in your reef tank. As always you can get yours at Premium Aquatics. Brightwell Aquatics Reef Blizzard...
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    Good Morning Fellow Reefers, After months of struggles it's finally time to start restocking our 125 gallon that crashed nearly a year ago when a return pump went bad and shocked the entire system causing almost complete loss of everything (one lone clownfish survived). With the...
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    Hi, does anyone know if there are any clownfish breeders in SouthEast Michigan? I'm in the look out for a small harem. Thanks,
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    Everything Has Been Sold
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    I need to re-home this guy. He is 2-2.5 inches, and I have had him a little over a month. He has developed a strong dislike to my yellow coris wrasse. He does not seem bother any fish larger than him.
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    NEW Maxspect Budget-Friendly JUMP Series JUMP*is an all-new, budget-friendly product line from Maxspect. JUMP*is easily distinguishable from other Maxspect products-you can't miss their high-energy highlights and sophisticated light and dark exteriors. JUMP*is for hobbyists that crave...
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    Pending with deposit. $1,000 firm 269-425-4690 150 gallon tank 7 adult designer clowns. The harem has a breeding pair and others that have been together for about 5 years. 2 anemones Candy cane goby and shrimp pair 100g rubber made sump 200***8217;ish pounds of Preuesses premium rock...
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    Very well established tank with some supplies. Have a toadstool, clown and yellow watchman goby and of course some snails and crabs. Nothing wrong with it other than a few minor scratches. We got a parrot and are getting another. It's a bigger commitment and just trying to free up time...
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    set up includes, 150 gallon aquarium with duel overflows, white stand, 2-AI-52 HD leds with mounting brackets, 40 gallon acylic Sump, jecod DC return pump, 2-jecod 60 wave makers, titanium heater with controller, UV sterilizer, bashsea 6/30 protein skimmer,and a ATO. also included 6 pieces of...