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  1. Selling Forums
    He's about 4" and eats like a champ. 65.00 810 nine31 0858 for quick response ---------- Post added 05-15-2020 at 09:57 PM ---------- Sale is pending
  2. Selling Forums
    Starting picking at my pocilipora. $75
  3. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for a bright flame angel yo add some red to my tank.
  4. Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone. I know stocking has been discussed 1000 times but it is always nice to have a post specific to your set up. I have a 92g corner aquarium. Currently I have 2 clowns, a yellow tang, a purple tang and a 6 line wrasse. Today I will be adding a flame angel from a fellow members setup...
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking for a healthy starry Blenny and flame angel, message or text 586-883-0242
  6. Selling Forums
    3 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CHEATO, 48" T5 Fixture 6 bulb, BLUE/GREEN Frogspawn 3 Lyretail Anthias trio SOLD Beautiful Flame Angel SOLD Blue Birdsnest $15 a frag Green Birdsnest $15 a frag Blue/Green Frogspawn 3 heads $40 Blue/Green Frogspawn 4 heads $50 Green tip purple Hammer coral $15...
  7. Selling Forums
    Neon green singular tree frag $25 SOLD blue/green Frog spawn 4 head $80 size of a baseball Blue/green frogspawn 3 head $60 Blue/green frogspawn 6 head $110 huge sour apple sps frag $15 SPS Birdnest Frags frag only a few left SOLD Green frogspawn SOLD Correction 6 bulb tek light 46 t5 fixture...
  8. New to the Hobby
    Ive had my 40g tank set up for about 2 months know and im wondering what are some easier to take care of beginner fish? Im going to get some clowns and already have a weaver goby.
1-9 of 62 Results