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  1. Selling Forums
    I have been watching my Rainbow Bubbletips split now for a while and am up to 30 of them. Was going to continue this, but decided to go a different route. Now I would like to sell them all off. Looking to get 40.00 each. Or make me an offer on all 30. Would make for an insane clown tank...
  2. Selling Forums
    I reduced prices by 50% on all items for a quick sale to be picked up at the flint swap. Quantity Brand Product Price 1 Jebao DC 9000 For Parts Turns on just wont spin $ 20 1 Jebao DC 9000 Return pump like new $ 60 2 Fishmate F14 14 Day Automatic Fish...
  3. Selling Forums
    Blue tort sm $5 med 10 lg 20. Godzilla size 5 " multi branch $40. Oxide zoos frags 3-4 polyp$20, 8 polyp $30 Aquaman zoos 2- 3 polyps $10 Pink nebulas 4 polyps $10 Sour apple birdsnest sm $5 med $10. Xxlg multibranch 5x3" $20 Green or neon blue mushrooms 10 ea. Mohawks $5. 2-3polyps...
  4. Selling Forums
    I will bring to the flint swap if you PM me and reserve frags For the Flint Swap. Pay when we meet up. One 2 polyp frag of Utter Chaos Zoas ($20) One 1 polyp frag of Utter Chaos Zoa ($10)(SOLD) Three 1" frags of Sunset Monti ($10 each)(1 SOLD) Two Small frags of Neon green toadstool ($10...
  5. Selling Forums
    135 gallon acrylic show tank drilled with 2 overflows Dimensions 72" x 18" x 24" tall. Tank and wood stand. $700. 2 viewing panels overflows on the ends Text or call Mike (810) 513-6827.
  6. Selling Forums
    Time to make do some cutting. Have frags of pink b00bies, bubblegum monster, mummy eye & Pink Floyd. $25 & up. Mothers pictured. Text 734-725-98fiveO for more pics or info.
  7. Announce Frag Meets & Swaps
    Everybody is invited to the CORALS IN MICHIGAN Coral Show & Frag Swap (Flint, Michigan) :) Remember This Show is on a Saturday and NOT the usual Sunday that Most Shows are in Michigan. Date Saturday, February 22 Time 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM Location Dom Polski of Flint 3415 N. Linden Rd...
  8. Selling Forums
    I have approximately 50 lbs of chucky live rock. I want $75. I would trade for 2 large hang on the back filters like aqua clear 110, emperor 400 that are in good working order. 810-813-3242 Ryan text for pics. Rock has been curing for months in my basement trough without a light. Nothing on...
  9. Trading Forums
    Anyone interested in trading a large skimmer (400g+) for a large fat head (going to split soon) plus with a baby head of Dragon soul torch coral? Might take trades on other equipment also. LEDs, pumps, cash, ect. Must meet at the Lansing or flint swap, unless you are local.
  10. Reef Discussion
    My alk is low (5.6 dkh) I need to do an adjustment and get something to dose on a regular basis. I don't want to wait a week for online order. Where is a decently priced place within an hour of Flushing (Flint area) that I could pick up? Any suggestion on what I should use?
  11. Want to Buy
    looking for some macro algae in the Flint area . thanks
  12. Want to Buy
    I just set up a new refugium and am looking to stock it with macro for nutrient export/pod haven/food cultivation. I’m looking for the following: Halymenia (Dragon’s Tongue) Gracilaria Ulva (Sea Lettuce) Chaetomorpha Would prefer to see if anybody is pruning some back before I try a...
  13. Selling Forums
    Approximately 36"x24", came with a frag tank that I purchased but I don't have a use for it. Pick up only. If it's not gone in a few days its going to the end of the road. 810-280-8400
  14. Selling Forums
    Will be traveling to Ann Arbor frequently and can also drop off in flint. Below is my for sale list: Neptune temperature probe $25 Neptune Double Junction pH probe $70 New BRS 50ml/min Dosing Pump $70 New Red Sea Algae Control Nitrate and Phosphate Test kit $50 New SunSun Canister Filter with...
  15. Selling Forums
    I have a ton of dry goods to sell and will be traveling down to royal oak through flint and auburn hills tommorow so let me know if you see anything you are interested in on my list: Neptune ATK $160 Neptune temperature probe $25 Neptune Double Junction pH probe $70 New BRS 50ml/min Dosing Pump...
  16. Announce Frag Meets & Swaps
    No thread for this event yet so I thought I'd give us Mid-Michigan reefers some attention we desperately need! Date: Sunday June 23, 2019 Time: Noon - 4pm Location: Takes place at the Comfort Inn & Suites and Conference Center 2424 S. Mission St. Mount Pleasant, Michigan 48858 Admission is...
  17. Selling Forums
    Equipment: New Neptune PM1 $70 Neptune temperature probe $25 Neptune Double Junction pH probe $70 New Neptune ATK $170 New BRS 50ml/min Dosing Pump $70 New Red Sea Algae Control Nitrate and Phosphate Test kit $55 New SunSun Canister Filter with UV Sterilizer 370Gph $80 Turbotwist 36W brand new...
  18. Selling Forums
    I have some frags available, can meet at flint swap Rastas-$5 pp ASD Angel tears - $7 pp all pending Scrambled eggs-$7 pp few left Nirvana -$10 pp few left Gobstoppers-$5pp Sunny d- $5 pp 2 Hollywood stunner chalice 5 inches or bigger- $25 each one left Rainbow acan enchinata -$35 sold Toxic...
1-20 of 500 Results