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  1. Selling Forums
    Selling 5 inch Green bubble tip anemone ! I live on gratiot and 25 mile Road . $30 firm
  2. Selling Forums
    I am doing a reset of my system and these anemones are not part of the new plan! I need them gone quick so I am ready to deal. I think I have 10ish? It is hard to tell :blink: Some of them are dinner plate size, and I have down to a single anemone stuck to a frag about the size of a...
  3. Selling Forums
    Huma Picasso triggerfish 3" & Clown triggerfish 7" FREE Both fish eat like pigs. Eat frozen raw squid, shrimp, mussel, scallop, enriched frozen brine. Nice fish just decided to get rid of tanks. Text for pictures or call 810-813-324two Ryan.
  4. Selling Forums
    Hello Everyone, I have a custom Shallow Rimless Tank with a custom stand and sump for sale. I also have an Aquamaxx ConeS CO-1 Skimmer for sale as well. The tank setup is forsale because I recently upgraded from it to a 160 Display with basement fishroom (~300 gallon system). The tank is...
  5. Selling Forums
    I have an entire 60 gallon tank setup forsale including dry rock and sand 60 gallon cube tank, stand, lecoxotic LED light and canopy - $200 (sold) Dry rock- $2 per pound 100 plus pounds (sold) Dry sand (5 gallon bucket) - $10 (sold) Eshopps wet dry system fits skimmer and return pump and fits...
  6. Selling Forums
    I have a brand new 40 gallon glass tank forsale. I have changed plans. Dimensions are 36" long x 12.5" x 21" tall. Tank has never been filled. $30 Ryan 810-813-324two text or call.
  7. Selling Forums
    Sale is closed. Thanks for all of the interest.
  8. Selling Forums
    Forsale I have a 20x20x8 all in one acrylic frag tank. Selling it because i don't have time to maintain it anymore. Full time student and working full time. I bought it in April has been amazing. Its a great aoi tank. I also have extras that I'm selling also. I have a lot of money into it but...
  9. Selling Forums
    I have a 75 Gpd brs rodi unit forsale all filters are good, reading 0 on tds meter. Looking to get a 100$ obo for it, it's all ready to go
  10. Selling Forums
    Hello I have the following Zoas and palys forsale . Can purchase now or prepay via PayPal for Lansing swap . WWC lazer lemons ( true yellow skirts ) 2 polyps $30 sold Steven Cc utter chaos 2 polyps $50 sold Marloq Cc white walker 1 polyp $50 sold Marloq Cc Woodstocks 2 polyps $ 35 Cc...
  11. Selling Forums
    Wanting to empty tank and start over from small frags again. Large colonies for sale. Have 20 on plugs, but most can be fresh cut. 0 - 10 grams $2.00 per gram 11 - 50 grams $1.50 per gram 50 - 100 grams $0.75 per gram 100+ grams $0.50 per gram Dead rock $3 per pound PM me for phone number...
  12. Selling Forums
    Looking to get back into hobby and wanting a 150 tall to start let me know if you have one for sale
  13. Want to Buy
    Need some rotifers (maybe on a monthly basis) to feed my corals. Also looking for a Pink Bird's Nest frag in the $20-$25 range. Can pick it up from you some evening if you are Downriver.
  14. Selling Forums
    Time for a break from the hobby: Corals need to go first: Large Idaho Grape Monti (8x12) $40.00 large red monti on 15lb rock $60.00 (bigger than 5 gallon bucket round) forest fire digi 6" nice piece $30.00 ocean digi colony $60.00 birdsnest frag $20.00 purple haze monti nice size $30.00 green...
  15. Want to Buy
    Looking for those items lmk what you guys have, how much.
  16. Selling Forums
    I have a CPR Bak-pak 2 hang on back protein skimmer with skimmer box. Was used about 2 months before we upgraded to a bigger tank with sump. Here is a link that should answer any questions: CPR Bak-Pak Protein Skimmer and the skimmer box: CPR Aquatic Bak Pak 2 Protein Skimmer Pre Skimmer...
  17. Selling Forums
    I'm donating these to a pif, so they are no longer forsale. Frogspawn, easy to take care of and these grow great under my LEDs. I don't do anything special, my only maintenance is changing the water every 2 weeks. Sold Bucks Sold Side View of above frag Sold Side View of above frag...
  18. Selling Forums
    Forsale is my freshwater aquarium. Its a 75 gallon. Less than one year old. Stand is nice pine, i beefed up the inside of the stand but it does not show on the outside. Fx5 is also very new. Lines are still very long. T5 lighting has new freshwater bulbs. Two 24 inch duels. Also have a...
  19. Selling Forums
    335 gallon with the split seam is back up forsale. I was going to drop it off to a buddy in chicago but my vacation to chicago got canceled. Tank is 67"x35"x33" tall made out of 3/4 acrylic 200 bucks
  20. Trading Forums
    Hello All, here is a pair of my Extreme Phantoms..I have not seen a pair with a patterns so unique! These are mature adults, not yet spawned but they're cleaning the pot from time to time. The female is clearly 3"+ and the male at 2". I'm not looking to sell them, but would consider a trade for...
1-20 of 75 Results