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    I have a few things for sale: Rainbow monti $15 ea. 2 available. Sand dollar monti $15. 3 available. Dk green with blue tip tenius acro frags $15 ea. Fuzzy neon green hydnophora sps, frags $15 ea 2 available. Dk blue with light blue tip pulcher acro $15 ea. Purple monster palys 3...
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking for a Frag Tank - 48" would be ideal - but will entertain any size - even small tanks.
  3. Premium Aquatics
    In Today's video, we are taking a look at Bashsea Mad Rack Frag Rack System. As always you can get yours at Premium Aquatics. Links below! Bashsea Mad Rack Frag Rack System: https://premiumaquatics.com/search?search=Mad+Rack Enter to win this product: 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2...
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    Here's a few frags from my frag rack. SPS LPS ZOA open to trades 1. Big r Walt Disney (1) $50 2. Asd rainbow (1) $45 3. Rrc aussie gold large frag(1) $35 4. Green slimmer acro (1) $15 5. Copper flame milli (1) $35 6. Jf slow burn (1) $10 7. Forest fire (1) $10 8. Setosa (2) $10 9. Cali tort...
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    Moving and downgrading to a much simpler setup, wont be needing the following equipment. Everything is used and taken well care of unless noted otherwise. Please text me at 73four-629-2073 if interested and I can send pictures, I do not check here often. Not interested in any trades with the...
  6. Premium Aquatics
    NEPTUNE TRIDENT REAGENTS IN STOCK We have 2 month and 6 month reagents in stock and ready to ship. No limits on ordering. https://premiumaquatics.com/search?search=trident+reagent NEW AutoAqua Smart ATO RO An ATO specially designed to fill the RO water reservoir from RO or RODI system directly...
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    Selling Misc Coral: Green Tip Anemone $20 Green Star Polyp (5" x 3") $20 Purple Sea Whip Frag $20 Please text if interested. 586 212-8842
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    Morning reefers, I have some free frags and larger pieces of colt corral if anyone would like some. Making room in my tanks Located in Macomb Mi. 22 and Heydenrich Thanks for looking Randy
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    Just a few corals up for grabs. Please text me to see more pics or if you have questions 586-87two-one928. I do not check my MR account to often. Thanks for looking CB Fire Magic Bounce - 350 BigR's Clown Car Monti - 120 Funky Green & Orange Mushroom - 50 lg chunk Space Invader Pectinia - 120...
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    Updated 2/26 Cut to order... Free $25 frag with any purchase of these 12 listed below. BC Aquatic Man-$100 CB Maleficent-$75 JF Jolt-$200 RMF Acid Trip Millie-$75 RMF Diablo Millie-$75 SC OP -$100 TGC Cherry Bomb-$120 TSA Daydream-$100 TSA Bill Murray-$75 TSA Twisted Sister-$75 WWC...
  11. Want to Buy
    Looking for a large acrylic sump or frag tank I can make one out of.
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    Here's a few special ones I've got right now. All are on plugs. Updated 29-Jan. Nothing currently available. Text/call me at 81zero-8seven5-0001 as I don't check MR messages very often. I will send pics if you have serious interest. PayPal only. Porch pickup. Easy peasy!
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    I need to trim the tank up a little bit and have some corals for sale and some I received for free which I would ask you do as well. Most frags will be fresh cut. Updated 2/28 Red monti cap free, can make large frags for $10 Gobstopper palys $5 for generous groups "Toxic" red mushrooms, 3...
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    I have a bunch of mid to higher end acros available. I’m open to trades for acros or torches. My contact number is 248 804 8463 I can send pictures of any items. 1. Walt Disney $60 2. Walt Disney $60 3. Tsa Princess peach $75 4. Tsa Princess peach $65 5. RR star fire $50 6. Jf solar flare $70...
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    Making some room in a few tanks. All corals are very healthy and have been cut for over 2 weeks. Prices are on pictures below. For quickest response 810 931 0858.
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    SOLD - Leaving the hobby sale - Thank you everyone Due to family reasons, I'll be leaving the hobby for a few years. The complete system is up for sale. Fish and corals need to go first and then the equipment. Everything below comes out to $3400 (with heavy heavy discounts) - will sell...
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    Branching Hammers - Oranges & Yellows! Yellow Branching 1 head $30 2 head $50 3 head $65 4 head $75 Orange Branching 2 head splitting into 3 - $75 3 head splitting into 4 - $100 Located near 127 & I94 Text or call 517-285-82zeroeight
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    1. Blue tang - sold Almost 5 inch and very healthy. I took her when she was tiny size and now she is too big for my tank. Need much bigger home. 2. Candy cane 5 inch size and has almost 50-70 heads. - sold Have few frag size - each 10 3. Green toadstool coral - sold 2 inch size 1 inch frag...
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    These are some beautiful, bubbly, rainbow bubble tips. Each is 2-3" in diameter. None available (19-Feb) These sell fast! Call or text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001.
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    POSTPONED due to new governors orders Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk