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  1. Selling Forums
    Just checking to see if anyone is interested in some large CC green star polyp or pulsing xenia frags before I frag more for LFS. Things have grown like crazy over the last few months so they're pretty huge. Having issues uploading pics/video, but will try to get them up soon. Will...
  2. Selling Forums
    Broke my chalice during the move. Nice red with bright golden eyes. 4 frags available, all 1inch plus $25ea 2nd pic is mother for ref. Call or text 517-285-82zeroeight
  3. Selling Forums
    black widow, corals, frags, hi, i have a bunch of corals i fragged for the swaps, but all swaps have been cancelled this summer. shot me a text and i'll send you pictures, frags are anywhere from $5 and up, thanks - located in wyoming, mi 616-729-9001 black widow - $150 bizarro cyphastrea -...
  4. Selling Forums
    Have a few frags for sale: 1. Red montipora (glued to frag about 2") $15 2. Two Blue Acroporas (one with seven branches about 5-6" in height with multiple tips on each branch and the other with six branches about 5-6" in height with multiple tips-neither are on a plug) $40 each 3. Pavona Cactus...
  5. New to the Hobby
    hello all i have really been wanting to get back into the hobby. i cant decide on how big of a tank i wanna go with so i was thinking about setting up a stock tank in my basement so i could get the cycle going and get some rock started and then i could take my time getting a tank figured out. i...
  6. Selling Forums
    Updated 3-3-23 Goni- ASD Yellow Eye $30 ECC Burning Man $100 Glitter $80 OG Glitter Bomb $300 Pink Flamingo $50 SRC Black Widow $40 TCK Bi color $60 TCK Fireballz $80 TCK Insane Flame tip $80 TCK Rainbow $40 TSA Cherry $50 TSA Laffy Taffy $100 TSA Sugar Daddy $120 TSA Golden Dream $300 UC Jigs...
  7. Selling Forums
    Hey reefers hope everyone is safe and healthy. I have a bunch of Colt coral frags and couple of large pieces of purple coraline algae encrusted Pukani live rock covered in Colt for sale. Also open to trades for zoas and mushrooms. $10 frags $50 live rock Shelby Township location PM for...
  8. Selling Forums
    I'm selling all my cured pukani loaded with pink coralline algae and colt coral. 29 gal Tank has been set up for 4 years. Also selling frags of colt . I have 1 Duncan frag 1 blue mushroom coral,1 Birds Nest. Also Selling 2 Ocellaris clowns , 1 Coral Beauty Angel ,2 Pajama Cardinals , 1 Banggai...
  9. Selling Forums
    Put together a little pack of high end zoas and palys. 200. I have single frags available if needed For fast response 810 nine 310858 Pack includes: JF punch drunk- 8 polyps Beauty and the beast 1 polyp GB Buttkisser 5 polyps Oompa Loompa 3 poylps Wwc taser 3 polyps Rr pink diamond 1 polyp...
  10. Selling Forums
    Free 75g sump 48x12x26 and 75g tank.
  11. Selling Forums
    Here are pics: 27-designer pair of clownfish $150 28-second designer clownfish $150 faster response text me plz 313-268-3195. Package deal welcome!! Also interested in trading for high end zoas or shrooms.
  12. Selling Forums
    Few frags to get rid of. Will do porch pickup. Text photos upon request. Rainbow monti $5 Meteor shower cyphastrea $10 Jf Gold lepto $10 green lepto $5 Armour of gods $15 Red hornets $15-20 Sunny D's $15
  13. Selling Forums
    Here you go. I have 3 of these packs available: First come first served. The pack includes frags of the following: 1. Red Setosa 2. Sour Apple Birdsnest 3. Purple Stylo 4. Red Cap 5. Birds of Paradise 6. Rainbow Monti (encrusting) Please text me if interested at 248-six70-four360
  14. Advanced Topics
    As I said been a while since I played in the SPS world , but in the process of helping a friend restock his 300, looking for anyone that may have some frags of my old stock. Anyone still in the game from when I tore my tank down?
  15. Selling Forums
    All sold***** thanks everyone 10 each. Chuckys bride, tubbs blue, rastas, one polyp utter chaos with some rastas, blood suckers, Nirvana's, petroglyphs, Playboy bunny, sunny D, cap America, purple deaths, purple monsters, gorilla nipples, grande palys, stargazers, gateraids, red hornets, snake...
  16. Want to Buy
    With frag swaps on hold (sigh).... I really need some SPS frags for some variety. I would rather give my money to fellow reefers here than pay a fortune for online stores. I'm in GR, but if you have a bunch of what I'm looking for and on the East side I will try to make it worthwhile. Looking...
  17. Selling Forums
    I am just wanting to do something different until I set up the 300g again someday. $750- All SPS for sale as a pkg only. Start off ahead of the curve with your reef tank by adding grown out, extremely healthy and beautifully colored corals. Everything has been maintained with Brightwell and...
  18. Selling Forums
    Two AI prime tank mounts. 1 is brand new in the package. The other is used. $25 for the new one. $15 for the used one. Open to trades sps or LPS frags. What do you have?
21-38 of 500 Results