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    I recieved an extra Sea Cucumber from Live aquaria. They dont want me to ship it back, so if anyone wants to pick it up from me in Waterford, its still in the bag. First one here gets it. Text me at (2 six 9) 929 eight, 5, 2, nine.
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    Have a few frags for sale: 1. Red montipora (glued to frag about 2") $15 2. Two Blue Acroporas (one with seven branches about 5-6" in height with multiple tips on each branch and the other with six branches about 5-6" in height with multiple tips-neither are on a plug) $40 each 3. Pavona Cactus...
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    Selling in excellent condition a Neptune Apex Lite aquarium controller. Is currently being used on freshwater to monitor temperature and PH. The temp and PH probes are new only used for about 2 months in freshwater aquarium. Currently connected with Apple express for internet to my router and if...
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    I have a Large Copperband Butterfly I need to sell due to a bully Convict Tang that is constantly harrassing it all over the 300g tank. Just because they're both striped fish smh. Copperband has been through qurantine and is ich free. Asking $50. You can text me 586944six9zero3 Copperband...
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    Marine pure block. It's been in a tanks almost 2 years, No Aiptasia or another undesirables. I am downsizing, seems like waste to just throw it away. Good way to jump start a new system. Located in Mt Clemens
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    Hello I am trying to minimize tank size so i am selling less than 1 year old tank. Included 66 gallon tank, and Rustic grey stand 36" Tall, and 3 bulk heads and all of pvc pipe and also original sump as well. Everythings are good condition and there is just little rust inside of the stand...
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    Free to anyone who can use these reagents. I accidentally bought the wrong reagents. Full new box. I need the ULR. I***8217;m in Taylor. Maybe throw a small sps frag my way or not. Up to you.
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    GONE - Great Lakes 100 Gallon High ----- Taken --- Aquarium footprint 36" x 24". 30" height. Stand and Refugium included. 61" overall height Photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0pa5lqfghg1fz8b/AADD2jZySguY7zwkGHh1eEeea?dl=0 Location: NE Ann Arbor
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    NEW! Custom Geo 824 Calcium reactor and CO2 regulator setup for sale - $1,150. The reactor is a custom height built by Geo. The reactor chamber is 8 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall. It was optioned with the best Iwaki (Japanese built) pump. This is a quality unit that can handle a large...
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    260 gallon great lakes aquarium 96"x26"x24",powder coated metal stand, 90g great lakes sump has the media basket that sits on rails at the top, drilled for external pump, sump has never had water in it. one of the baffles is cracked but still intact, i sat something in it and cracked it like a...
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    Free 75g sump 48x12x26 and 75g tank.
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    I have ATI Essentials 3 x 1000ml Set - free Aquaforest 3 components 3x5000ml - free Pickup in Mt Clemens.
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    Nearly Full setup up for sale, only items missing to setup a SPS, LPS, very nice capable tank would be adding a sump, skimmer, and water salt rock livestock etc. ALL PRICES OBO. Items have been in storage for approx 3 years, may need just a rinse or coraline removed, but were in good working...
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    Kessil Ap700-$500 18 months old. Kessil 360x-$400 4 months old. Used less than two months. I bought both new, have the boxes and everything that came with them. New never used Jumbo BRS co2 reactor, two 7.5lbs bags of media -$100 No trades, any question feel free to text Keith 734-301-9153
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    Text 734 673 5833
21-36 of 500 Results