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  1. Selling Forums
    I've been doing some housekeeping and in the process made up some frags. I'd really rather trade them for anything stoney but the tradng forum has no action, so... Sour Apple Birdsnest: $10 Ponape Birdsnest: $10 Rainbow Pocillapora: $10 Green Fungia Plate: $10 There are several of each...
  2. Other Invertebrates
    So I wake up a bit ago and look over the tank as the moonbeams were on, and what do I see? Urchin spines scattered in a small area with central body nearby devoid of all its spines and lifeless! With that now a done deal for the little (3") urchin, I'm curious which of its tank mates was the...
  3. Vendor Experiences
    Hi, I'll be visiting from Texas next week and staying in the Ann Arbor and Dearborn area. I fly back home on Friday and was hoping to bring a coral or frag back with me. I plan on putting the piece in a thermos, then in a soft-side thermal back with heat pack...then just put it in my checked...
  4. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    Green with blue lines and blueish eyes I guess. Pic looks just like it. And if you know what it is, can you give the value of it? Im going to try to sell it for extra swap money but don't know what it is. Thanks! !
  5. Softies & LPS
    Two lps id needed back left red and the spikey yellow one
  6. Selling Forums
    I have to thin my 14 gal nano again. I am having trouble up loading pics so text for pics. I have: really pretty 3" purple and green fungia= $40 couple heads of a beautiful pink hammer coral= $10/head***SOLD*** sm rock of long fluorescent GSP= $5 med fluorescent green sinularia= $5 med/lg purple...
  7. Selling Forums
    Selling the whole setup.............. 60 gallon cube 24x24x24 Aqua C skimmer 2 korella pumps 300 watt eihiem heater DIY Led light return pump 300.00
  8. Selling Forums
    Hollywood Stunner Chalice Roughly 6"x6". -- $60 -----sold Great color and tons of eyes. If you are interested call or text me at 616-638-3415 or e-mail me at [email protected] I can send pictures by email or text. Thanks, Chris
  9. Selling Forums
    I have a purple mushroom with blue dots, some small zoa frags, a green sinularia. your choice $5. Local only, pics on request. A few more expensive frags also: 5 polyp jokers(?)-$15 mini colony (15p) of red dragon eyes-$30 small blue / green fungia and some whammin watermelons-$15 Chris...
1-9 of 59 Results