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  1. Trading Forums
    I have a 6-8 inch gbta. Very nice when fully open. Looking for trades for acans,rastas, or just let me know what else you have. Looking for a designer clownfish also 2485680054 thanks
  2. Trading Forums
    I have a 24 or 29 gallon biocube for trade, has egg laying purc clown pair ,file fish 20lbs of live rock and sand with stand and 10gbta with stand ,hood has a crack in it! Trade for sps,live sand or lights! [email protected]
  3. Trading Forums
    I have a lot of corals i want to trade. Condylactis Anemone Red mushroom hammer head 1 big head hammerhead 2 heads attached to rock frogspawn 3 heads mini colony zoas (40+ polps) zoa frag (mixed) red acans Rastas (20 polps) Gsp starting to cover rock I want to trade for: baby size fish...
  4. Trading Forums
    One came loose today and I have it in a container in the water looking to trade for small as sPS frag or LPS frag there is 10 in total one available now more to come as they move
  5. Selling Forums
    Free to good home. 29 Gal Bio cube, 30lbs of live rock with 10 GBTA, a pair of clown fish and a file fish. Must pick up before Sept. 17. SOLD
  6. Selling Forums
    Gbtas gone.. Mods please delete
  7. Selling Forums
    I have a few corals for sale im trying to move... Sea whip- approx 10" tall $20 Purple gargonian 5" $20 Purple gargonian 3" $10 2 gbta's small $5ea 36" Marineland Pro 150w mh/4x36w t5 combo W/hanging kit $200 pics to come
  8. Want to Buy
    Looking for a BTA to be the centerpiece of my tank. Needs to be nice to look at, not interested in brown, pink or orange... haven't seen many white ones I like. Save me from buying one off ebay.
  9. Selling Forums
    Reduced prices Huge Duncan gets softball size or bigger $60 pic dosnt do this guy justice. This is my centerpiece and you will not be dissapointed. Hammer coral 4 heads $30 Acan enchanida $50 Blasto $30 Green plate $40 48" LED Evo slim strip 24x3w blue LEDs $125 36" 6 bulb...
  10. Want to Buy
    Looking to pickup a medium sized (3in diameter or more expanded) BTA. Likely a GBTA since the RBTAs tend to be more than I'd like to spend. Shoot me an offer.
  11. Want to Buy
    Looking for hammer, frogspawn, zoas, plays, rbta, gbta for good prices. Pm or text (248)561-0231
  12. Want to Buy
    looking to buy a RBT Anemone for my 90 gallon tank. please pm me. thanks!!!
  13. Selling Forums
    ***$35 Pack*** 1/2" setosa frag 2 polyp bambam 1/2" red digi frag 1/2" frag orange leptastrea mother colonies of setosa, digi, bambams and stag. Picture is horrible but pieces are healthy and great color. Text me at 734-934-3381 Thanks, Chris. ---------- Post added 02-12-2014 at 05:26...
  14. Anemones & Clownfish
    I've tried several anemones now, and everytime I deal with failure. Everything else lives in my tank, even though I'm not seeing amazing coral growth likely because I'm not dosing, every anemone I've tried has crawled into a rock and died. just today I picked up an rbta and gbta. The gbta is...
  15. Anemones & Clownfish
    I picked up another anenome for the 50g breeder. Kind of an impulse buy but kinda not..lol.. I just love the anenomes and have had success with them. Besides the occy clown trio needed an friend. Looks like a short tentacle nem but unfolds like a carpet nem and its super sticky. ---Chris
  16. Selling Forums
    I am breaking down one of my systems in order to change the direction it was going so it has left me with some stuff that needs to be rehomed. 1) 20+ INCH MINT GREEN HADDONI CARPET ANEMONE .SOLD this guy WILL come with a pair a egg laying pink skunk clowns. sorry cannot break them up. he is a...
  17. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    I have the green polyp thing growing in clusters in my tank as well as one here and there. They seem to sting and keep my zoa's from opening. I am hoping a zapper will take care of them because kalk has not done anything to them. They do retreat into the rock. Please let me know if anyone...
  18. Anemones & Clownfish
    As mentioned previously, I got a new 'baby' GBTA. He seems to be settling in well this morning. When I turned on the light his tentacles were long and waving in the current but he quickly responded to the lights and pulled in/bubbled up. I gave him one more mysis first thing and he gobbled it...
  19. Anemones & Clownfish
    Was at the LFS today with no intention what so ever of having a BTA, but they had a new shipment in of 'baby' Bubble Tips and one of the green ones had a purple foot. My tank is too new for an anemone but... I kept looking at him and looking at him, and the shop girl told me "we get Bubble Tips...
  20. Selling Forums
    This guy needs some help. Has lost most of his pigmentation, but not his will to live. Frequently moves around the tank. I just don't have the heart to flush him down the toilet and would love if someone would help turn this guy's life around. Was formally a meth addict, but makes all of his...
21-40 of 138 Results