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    Call or text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001. Updated 10-Mar (3:00pm) MRC macroalgae reactor (DIY) $40 18" tall and 4" diameter. Grows quite a bit of chaeto! Miscellaneous: Red Sea pro test kits - algae control pro; coral colors pro - $10 for both
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    Up for sale is a Geo 618 Reactor (22") with two tanks and one Milwaukee regulator. Everything is in ext. condition. Both tanks have some gas still in them. Pick up only. $425.00
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    NEW! Custom Geo 824 Calcium reactor and CO2 regulator setup for sale - $1,150. The reactor is a custom height built by Geo. The reactor chamber is 8 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall. It was optioned with the best Iwaki (Japanese built) pump. This is a quality unit that can handle a large...
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    I have a Geo 624 (24" tall) has a pan world pump, It is full of media. with a 10# aluminum tank and regulator. The tank that is more than half full. I cleaned the unit tested the pump and refilled with new media. $395.00. I can bring it to the lansing swap.
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    I had grand plans to bring a Calcium Reactor online on my system, taking advantage of a deal too good to pass up on a GEO unit, only to set it aside to have invested in an Apex controller and later learn that the GEO unit is not wide enough to accommodate a Ph probe (great option if you don't...
  6. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a chiller. 1/3 hp to 1 hp would be the size I'm looking for. Willing to pick up wherever as I often travel throughout Michigan. shoot me a size, what shape its in and a price that works. thanks!
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    GEO Calcium Reactor including all parts and full Co2 tank. The Co2 regulator was bubbling inconsistently. Don't know if it is a simple adjustment issue or needs replacing. Other that that, all parts worked properly. Includes a Milwaukee PH regulator. Purchased system new 2 years ago. Do not...
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    I've been out of the hobby for a few years. I held on to a few items just in case I ever got back in. But, I don't see that day anytime in the near future and I am trying to clear out my basement a bit. So, free to the first person that can pick them up from my place. Have a 175w MH fixture...
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    Have this leftover from my 300g breakdown, and I don't foresee using it on my "low maintenance" 75g. Geo 612 Calcium Reactor w/ Eheim 1048 pump, Aquatic Life pH Controller, Aquatic Life Regulator w/ Solenoid, 15lb CO2 tank (near full) $325 Located in Flushing.
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    I have a new 618 Geo Calcium Reactor with Enhiem pump FS. I have a used Co2 tank, reg and solenoid with it as well. I also have a new container of ARM media. I plan to attend Ann Arbor swap meet tomorrow if anyone is interested. The reactor alone is $420 online I am asking $325 for the entire...
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    GEO XL Kalk Reactor - $150, Cole Parmer Dosing Pump w/ 2 Heads - $125 XL Geo 618 Kalk Reactor with pump - $150 Cole Parmer Scientific Grade Dosing Pump w/ 2 heads - $125 I will ship on your dime. Pictures available (Six One Six) 886-Six Nine Six Four. No trades except for 24x18x24 Exo...
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    I have a GEO 624 calcium reactor setup for sale. It is rated for 200-400 gal tank. The body of the reactor is new. The setup will include the followings: 1. GEO 624 reactor w/ Pan world PX 30 pump 2. Electronic regulator solenoid valve 3. pH probe 4. 10 lb aluminum CO2 tank (filled about a...
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    I have the following up for sale: GEO 818 Calcium Reactor & Pump Kit https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hc7bm6wtbpnovw/GEO%20818.jpg?dl=0 GEO 818 Calcium Reactor & Pump Kit Cobalt Aquatics Power Head / Pump - MJ1200 - 295 gph CaribSea ARM Reactor Media - Extra Coarse, 1 Gal (Qty 2) CarbonDoser...
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    Hi, Like the title says having a kid and would like to move on from the hobby. I would like to move it as a whole lot. Kids coming pretty soon and don't want the stress of a million people coming. As for the set up it's : 75 gallon aga. Drilled with a 29 gallon sump. Comes with jabeo...
1-15 of 97 Results