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    ALL GONE Please delete post
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    I have a few fish I'm looking to re-home. I have two Pterois Lions about 6 or 7 inches $45ea and a Miles lionfish about 5" all very fat and eating well. $65 Two Large Frogspwan $25ea One large Hermit Crab $15 All for $150
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    I have a complete 90 Gallon Saltwater Setup. Asking $600 OBO Included are... -T5 Lights -90 gallon tank -Custom Sump -Mag Drive Return Pump -Purple Coraline Healthy Liverock I also have fish and corals available, specifically a Panther Grouper and Barracuda. Feel free to PM or call/text at...
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    I have a few fish for sale or trade Louti Cherry Grouper 5" $75 - $50 Panther Grouper 11" $40 - $30 Clown Trigger 4" SOLD SOLD SOLD Picasso Trigger 5" SOLD SOLD SOLD Undulate Trigger 2" $30 - $20 Looking for corals, tangs or butterflies. PM me a phone number for photos
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    The Hydor Koralia Wavemaker 4 is required to control Koralia 12V pumps. Koralia Wavemaker 4 Specs: ***8226; Controls up to 4 Koralia 12V Powerheads ***8226;Night mode slows pumps to simulate calmer night conditions* ***8226;Precise easy programming ***8226;Simulates wave or tide effects...
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    90 gallon tank cracked today. Either need a new 90 gallon or to sell the fish asap. Clown trigger 6" Panther grouper 13" Blue hippo 8" Foxface 7" Puffer 6" Yellow tang 4" Call me if you can help in any way please. Located in Rochester Thanks Matt 248-410-4438
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    I am looking to down size my Tanks and fish Durgon Trigger 6" $90 Rectangle Trigger 5" $45 Panther Grouper 11" $50 Clown Trigger 4" $100 Picasso Trigger 5" $75 Undulate Trigger 2" $30 Miniatus Grouper 5" $80 Two Banded Soapfish 4" $125 Black Soapfish 5" $45 Niger Trigger 9" $75 SOLD...
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    5 inch Coney and a 6 inch white spotted grouper. Need these guys gone ASAP, they decided they don't like my tuskfish, wrasses, or my angels. Interested in wrasses, corals, live rock, really anything. Text me at 248-303-7028 for fastest response
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    5 inch Coney and a 6 inch white spotted grouper. First $50 takes both. Need these guys gone ASAP, they decided they don't like my tuskfish, wrasses, or my angels. Text me at 248-343-0377 if interested.
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    I have a 6" coney and an 8" white spotted grouper (E. ongus) for sale. Both are great fish and get along with anything they can't swallow. Asking $60 each or both for $100. They eat anything including pellets. Possibly interested in trades for anthias, angels, butterflies.
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    9" Panther Grouper -$50 8" Volitan Lion Fish-$50 - Sold 6" Stars and Stripes Puffer-$50 6" Pink Tail Trigger-$50 3" Picasso trigger-$30 4" niger Trigger-$40 2.5" Domino Damsel- Free if you buy a fish I might be ready to sell this fishes in 2 weeks. All prices are best offer
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    Tank is sold (125 gallon) and have a few fish I need gone.... Tomini Tang about 4"----30.00 Humu Humu Trigger about 3"---35.00 Panther Grouper about 3"---40.00 Snowflake Eel approx 8"----20.00 Make offers....want them gone ---------- Post added 03-14-2014 at 09:19 PM ---------- A lot of look...
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    I have a few fish I need to move, I'm heading away from the meaner fish and into more community type stuff. 5 to 6 inch Niger Trigger $45 5 to 6 inch Yellow face Trigger $100 5 inch Clown Trigger $75 6 inch Sadle (vampire) Grouper $45 All fish are healthy and eating well ( Krill, shrimp...
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    trigger is sick. looks like he has a very cloudy eye on one side . help me he is my favorite fish
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    i have an 18 inch snowflake eel and 3 our so inch panther grouper both will eat frozen foods i am going to need there tank as a grow out soon so they must go.i have had them for about 6 + months shoot me a pm iam free till 5:15 today
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    iam closeing down my small aggressive tank i have a 18 + inch snowflake eel who eat from feeding stick 20$ 2nd is a 3 inch panther grouper who eats frozen food :-] big plus with these guys as some only eat live food had him for 6 + months 20$ will take trades for high end zoas ty can get pics...
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    :butcher: How dare they break my tank???
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    Anybody have any tips for trying to get a fish more comfortable having yoru handsi n the tank and even letting you "pet" them? Ive read posts and seen videos on youtube of peaople who have fish that let them touch them and stuff and Im wondering if there is any trick to it other than just...
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    Recently I had issues with my 120 gallon tank (the bulkheads on the overflow box was leaking). Due to the placement of the tank it wasn't going to be easy so i opted to get a new one pre-drilled. At the time the only tank readily available to me was a 3ft 85gal which empty looked cool but now...
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    I have a tank with some triggers, puffers, groupers is there anything that i could get as a clean up crew that would survive with these or just get large hernits and replace them
1-20 of 21 Results