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  1. Selling Forums
    Innovative Marine Fusion 10 , Jebao RW4 , Kessil 150, Neo Therm etc.. Getting out of the hobby due to work & family schedule. Equipment: Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Kessil 150 - Ocean Blue - with Gooseneck Neo Therm 75 Heater Jebao RW4 Powerhead Digital Thermometer Frag Rack Led Refugium...
  2. Selling Forums
    Rock covered with 300-400 dragon eye zoas $60 Rock covered with 8-10 brown hairy mushrooms $60 Please PM with interest.
  3. Selling Forums
    Frags for sale per frag. Open to trades also price drop Purple PE $20 sold Bam Bam $20 $15 Fire and ice zoa $20 $15 Purple plate $15 $10 Birds nest $10$5 Green hairy mushroom $20 $10 Green hairy mushroom with disc mushroom on rock $30 $20 Rock with 7-8 hairy mushrooms and disc mushroom $60 $40...
  4. Selling Forums
    had to remove the coral from my system i have 2 rbta about 4 inches when open both on good size rocks also two neon green sinulara on rocks and other small stuff few polyps and few orange mushrooms probably 20 to 25 lbs of rock $150 for all also have a large rock covered in neon green hairy...
  5. Selling Forums
    I was asked to help sell my friends tank that he no longer wants. Here is a list of what he has with some pictures. 120 gallon standard all glass tank w/ 2 built in overflows Custom stand and canopy 2-250 watt metal halide ballasts, bulbs, lumen brite reflectors (bulbs are almost new) Reef...
  6. Want to Buy
    I am looking for the last piece for my 29 gallon reef tank. i really would love some hairy mushrooms. any colour. if you have any, please let me know. Y ou would have to be within 20-30 miles from Detroit as I live across the border in Windsor
  7. Selling Forums
    I'm switching my focus to more corals and clams, so I need to part with two very nice fish. The Swallow tail currently does not nibble on my corals, but I don't want to push it as I add more. Japanese Swallow Tail Angel 4-5"- $65 Vlamingi Tang - 5-6" - $65 Japanese Swallowtail Photo by...
  8. Selling Forums
    sold... thanks adam still have a aqua clear 802 power head-$10 bucks aqua clear 402 -$10 bucks maxijet 900 only a week old-$15 5 gal bucket sand- free
  9. Selling Forums
    ~7" Beautiful Sailfin Tang $125...new price $100 obo ~Small Orange Percula Clowns $15 each ~Live rock $2/lb ~Large live rock with lots of corals (Colt Corals, Kenya Trees, Button Polyps, Hairy Mushrooms & Star Polyps $2/lb + $10-$30 ~Toad Stools, Frog Spawns and Galaxies sm/med $15-$30...
  10. Selling Forums
    LIVE ROCK (100+ plounds)!!!! and a Yellow Tang I'm selling off my livestock and all of my live rock. I will try and post pictures of everything over time. Most all corals sold Two large finger leathers - Sold pending funds I have ALOT of liverock covered in sponges, coraline algae, green...
  11. Selling Forums
    I have a 8-10 pound live rock covered in green hairy mushrooms, at least 15 of them. I can send pictures via email or text. Asking $75. Thanks, Greg
  12. Selling Forums
    Frags Acans $50&up multiple heads few different/rare colors Forest fire digi 1 left $20 Couple of different birds nest frags $15 Purple digi $10 Ultra duncans 2 heads $30 Sun coral nice piece $50 & small 3 heads $20 Zoos $2...
  13. Trading Forums
    I have hammer coral, gsp, purple mushrooms, blue anthelia and green hairy mushrooms to trade for a refractometer. Let me know if interested. Thanks, Greg
  14. Reef Discussion
    Hi guys, I bought this hairy mushroom rock a couple weeks ago, and they have been doing great. I took the before picture right before I left town, 1 week ago... my girlfriend sent me the other picture a few minutes ago. I have other hairy mushrooms in the tank that are ok. Any ideas what could...
  15. Want to Buy
    Hi, Looking for some Ricordea and uncommon mushrooms. I know I can order it but would rather grab a few pieces from a local reefer. Prefer colors other than green. Please let me know what you have. Thanks!
  16. Trading Forums
    2x 48" dual t5 (2x54w) fixtures, bulbs are old, fixtures work great. 24" dual bulb t5 retro, with 3m reflectors. Looking for frags/small fish. no sps. just softies.
  17. Selling Forums
    Everybody has lost interest but me and the tank isn't getting the attention or maintenance it deserves so it's all gotta go; e-mail is the best way to reach me, it goes right to my phone. [email protected] All gone but the liverock and some Damsels, two blue with yellow tails (been together...
  18. Selling Forums
    Separate or in a package coral, fish, equipment, I am getting rid of my reef tank I just don't have time for it any more. I have been maintaing this thriving tank for 5 years and its growth is unbelievable. I have a fish only tank that 325 gallons and 2 tanks right now is to much. I would keep...
  19. Reef Discussion
    I've added some new pics of my 90 to my gallery on this site. I am not happy with the way it looks & have been ready to sell everything, but wanted to reach out to get some advice before I just give up. There are only 4 fish: 2 yellow tail damsels, ocellaris clown, pajama cardinal. There are...
1-20 of 262 Results