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    5 Stage RO/DI unit 100 gallon per day. Probably needs filters changed.
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    Lets get a list of who's got Black Friday deals going on..??
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    I placed an order with happy coral halloween night. I'm very happy with the coral, the service and the prices. This guy knows his stuff and has some of the best stock. Very healthy!!!! I acclimated them, dropped them in my tank before work...After work I came home to corals in full bloom...
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    Jbj Topoff with 1 float and aqualifter pump. $80 shipped. I go through too much water shipping corals to use this. Send inquiries to [email protected]
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    $275 with pickup. 70 gallon fish tank Email at [email protected] ---------- Post added 09-28-2013 at 06:11 PM ---------- Dropping price $225.
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    Has anyone bout live goods from an online source, and if so where? I know there are a lot of sites out there. Let me know how it went, how did the goods arrive, how did they do.
    June Meeting ***SATURDAY JUNE 18th @ 3-5pm*** Hey guys!! Hope everyone is having a great month. Our next meeting is going to be June 18th 2011 (Saturday) and we will be having a guest speaker. Tal Sweet (aka FishTal) from FishTal Propagations will be giving us a captive breeding question and...