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  1. Reef Discussion
    i was wondering if it is possible to put more than one goby in the same tank. i already have a pearly jawfish (yellowheaded goby) and i was wanting to add: banded sleeper goby (amblygobius phalanea) yellow fire goby (nemateleotris helfrichi) other tank mates include: 1 ysm 1 blue reef cromis 1...
  2. Reef Discussion
    Here are the stats: 60 gallon flat back hex Mixed reef but with only a few sps: 3 montis and a pink birdsnet. I am looking for a fish that stays out in the open, is bright and won't harm the corals and it would be great if it was cheap too. LOL. Commonly available species would be my choice...
61-62 of 62 Results