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hob skimmer
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    Have some leftover equipment for sale from a 75 gallon teardown, prices are negotiable. 75 gallon tank w/ corner overflow. Needs bulkheads. Includes 48" T-5 fixture and 40 gallon sump w/ 2 chambers - $75, was $100 SOLD 40 gallon sump w/ FIJI baffle kit (for reference...
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    Willing to take partial trades for corals. 90 gal tank, stand and sump, glass lids, returns, and ASM skimmer. 48 x 18 x 24. $300. I also have some screen lids that need a little work but are still good. [url=https://ibb.co/iWbhAT] [url=https://ibb.co/jxqnc8] [url=https://ibb.co/it8b4o] 30...
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    Got a bigger tank so can no longer use this. Works great and has awesome ratings! Asking $100 OBO. I regularly drive to Ohio so if you are along the I75/US23 route i can drop it off or meet me there. ESHOPPS | PSK-75H
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    looking for a hob skimmer for a 90 gallon project tank. text 5 eight six-2 nine 5- 7062
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    looking for external or hang on back skimmer rated at least 100 gallons.
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    28 Gallon JBJ nano cube. Stand and intermediate LED hood. The lights were barely used as I went open top. It's in Good shape, no scratches. Heater and wave maker timer included 225 OBO. Also open to trades. Looking for a decent hob skimmer or refugium, torch coral, bubble tips...
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    I am looking to sell the following items and or willing to trade for a Sicce 1.5 Pump or Aquamaxx HOB Skimmer. I am currently at work and can add pictures later tonight or by text. Innovative Marine Return Pump - 211 GPH - $20 * Item is Brand New Chinese Adjustable Flow Pump - 265...
  8. Want to Buy
    I am looking for an Aquamaxx HOB skimmer. I can either purchase it or I have some items to trade.
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    I have a 90 gallon glass tank. tank is 48" x 18" x 24". Tank trim is cracked and needs silicone down. Tank holds water. not reef ready. $20 or trade for used black box led, Hob skimmer, Aquaclear 110, refugium, what you got ? text for pictures 810-813-324two Ryan.
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    Looking for a hob skimmer?
  11. Want to Buy
    I'm in need of HOB skimmer. 125 gallon tank. Thanks for any help.
  12. Want to Buy
    Im thinking about a hob skimmer so if your looking to part with one let me know 586-531-0963 for fastest response Chris
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    Hi, I am selling my kessil A150W Ocean Blue 160$. Its in good shape just dont need it anymore Private message me if your interested or text 2487656634
  14. Want to Buy
    I am looking for an HOB skimmer for my 20 gallon tank at work. let me know what you have. I have coral for trade too. thank you
  15. New to the Hobby
    Hi all, I have a 50 gallon tank without a sump or anything. I had been thinking of getting a HOB skimmer (Reef Octopus BH1000, Aqaua MAxx etc.) After doing some research I got the feeling that most of these HOB skimmers do tend to overflow for one reason or the other. Now my wife has already...
  16. Want to Buy
    I have a aquarium builder setup to build a 48x20x16 glass frag tank with overflow and drilled but they cannot do rimless. Thought I'd try here for something close (rimmed or rimless) or suggestions on a builder that can make me a rimless tank. Also 2 AI primes, a decent HOB Skimmer and a...
  17. Want to Buy
    Anybody close to chesterfield have a HOB skimmer they can sell me? need it for a 30 gallon tank. I am switching tanks so the 30 gallon is holding some of my fish until the 120 is cycled and ready for fish. Nothing fancy, just works. Would prefer someone close to my area. Thank you for your...
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    I have a used Tunze skimmer, looks to be older model 9002. Comes with used wave box or overflow box. Not 100% sure. The pump was replaced, not oem. Works good $30 Used Aqua C Urchin with Rio 1400 pump. $30 I would trade both for a hob skimmer. Thanks Ryan 810-813-3242 text for pictures.
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    Meta Frame aquarium I have 2 used 10 gallon meta frame tanks. $15 a piece 11th edition of Axlerod cichlid atlas $20 Thanks Ryan 810-813-3242 text for pictures.
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    I have a few thing to trade/sell: All Glass AQuarium Model 3 wet dry sump with return pump trade or 40$ Sold Aqua Sea urchin HOB skimmer trade or 10$sold 48" 4 bulb deep blue t5 fixture (I can only get two lamps to work) trade or 20$ I'm sure someone could get this thing running all 4...
1-20 of 42 Results