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    Have a 4" coral hogfish for sale. These stay relatively small (8" max) and are not very aggressive. Very pretty and very hardy. Not something you see very often either. $40 you can text me for pic if seriously interested. 81zero-8seven5-0001
  2. Reef Discussion
    Thankfully my 60 cube (24x24x24) finally has a bit of life in it again after sitting completely empty minus a couple small LPS and a few crabs for almost 9 months. I currently have 2 osc. clows and 1 watchman goby and have been looking for ideas on future fish additions as well as what the...
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    I have a Spanish Hogfish for sale. He's about 5 inches long, eats everything and anything. He is yellow and purple. Beautiful, social fish. Asking 50 text for faster response 586 552 7198
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    I have a 2 spot hogfish he's a little over 2 inches tall. Looking to get $15 for him or trade for another reef safe fish or a nice frag of zoa or lps.
  5. Reef Fish
    Saw this on another forum and thought it was a cool topic so lets start it up here. Which fish of yours would you be the most upset about if it just up and disappeared and why? Mine would be my Sohal. He is a ginormous butthead, but he has so much personality. Hes not mean to any other fish he...
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    I have the above fish for sale. I'm 90% sure the bangaii is a female as I think it was the male who died while holding babies. The hogfish pair have been together almost a year and are always together. The clown is a female, raised her from an egg...I had bred her parents 6 years ago. I would...
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    Two big size RBTA fo sale. Asking $60 each. Pending Good onse. Also have a mated pair Maroon Clownfish. Asking $75.Pending Indonesian Candy Cane hogfish (From Divers Den) a beautiful one. Asking $65. Melanurus Wrasse. Asking $30. Text or call (248)345-0880 Johnny ---------- Post added...
  8. Reef Discussion
    Well I'm beginning to think I have a major bristleworm problem. I have read they control there own populations, but I swear I have hundreds of these things, I means hundreds, all sizes. I'm looking for a preadator that will do a good number on them. Currently, I have the following fish...
  9. Reef Discussion
    Has anyone got fed up with ich so much that they have gone to running copper in their main display tank? I know I'll have to sacrifice inverts and other fish that can't live in copper conditions. At least I'lll know that my fish particularly Tangs won't get ich anymore and if they did, I would...
  10. Fish Disease Treatment
    my unicorn tang has popeye just want to know if I should leave him be or take him out and treat it. In the past with other fish I just let it be, but I really don't want this fish to have problems later on.
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    Hello, I am breaking down a few of my systems in order to focus on other things right now. I have for sale a currently spawning pair of Royal gramma. Age is unknown of the pair but I personally have had them about a year. I have been able to raise the larva up until day eight on several...
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    Hey guys, I am putting together a research proposal for one of my professors and I'm involving reef keeping in it. I am looking specifically into corals that can be kept in captivity from the range of the Bahamas to the British Virgin Islands. I was wondering if any of you have experience...
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    Hey All, My roommate and I are looking to part with our Twinspot Hogfish, Bodianus bimaculatus as well as our LPS Fungia plate coral. They are both perfectly healthy and were purchased from Preuss Pets approx. a year ago. The fungia has outgrown our tank. We are asking $30 OBO for the hogfish...
  14. Reef Fish
    anyone ever had one, i know basic information i know ornamental shrimp could be smashed, but . . . . anyone have any problems with fish (gobies, more docile, etc.) I read they are the best reef hogfish, just wanted to know any prior experience, with these little gems, thanks.
1-14 of 14 Results