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  1. Want to Buy
    Looking for some nice zoa frags. Preferably Rastas,Blue hornets,purple Hornets.open to others as well. Cant seem to find anything good around my area right now at the LFS's. Thank you
  2. Selling Forums
    All sold thank you everyone plz close
  3. Selling Forums
    I am selling my high end zoa collection, with another baby coming in next few weeks I could use the money. The number after name is polyp count a lot might have more now, then price after for entire zoa on disk. I priced them super cheap to move them. If you get multiple you get a better deal...
  4. Selling Forums
    Reefers I have a few Z and P for sale. I can ship as well. All frags have been growing for months and are not fresh frags sold
  5. Trading Forums
    Have a bunch of Blue Hornets, would anyone like to trade polyp for polyp?
  6. Want to Buy
    I am in the General Detroit area visiting on business and would like to take back some frags. Interested in nice zoas, euphyllia, lps, or even sps.....so pretty much anything nice. Hoping a local has a lot of frags to choose from. My reef is sps dominant 150g and I'm limited on space...
  7. Selling Forums
    Frags for sale can bring to aa swap Pm only please Tubbs Blue zoas 2 polyps 15$ 3 polyps 20$ 5 polyps 30$ Incredible Hulk zoas 4 polyps 15$ 5 polyps 20$ Blue Hornet zoas 3 polyps 25$ Rasta zoas 1 polyp 10$ 1 polyp 10$ 1...
  8. Want to Buy
    I unfortunately missed the Lansing swap and won't likely be able to make it to the Ann Arbor swap, so I was looking to see if anyone had some nice SPS frags that they wanted to part with. I'm not looking for super expensive limited edition stuff, mainly just $10 - $20 frags to help fill out my...
  9. Trading Forums
    I have over 350 polyps of Rastas I will trade for a breeding pair of Extreme Picassos, black snowflakes, or frostbites 248-378-4940
  10. Selling Forums
    Have some frags for sale and some colonies I want to thin out to make some room in my tank. Rastas 5p- $25 2p- $10 Armor of God 6p- $20 4p + 4babies- $20 Joker Zoas 15+ polyps- $30 Green and Yellow Zoas 9 polyps- $15 7 polyps- $10 5 polyps- $8 4 polyps- $8 Green With Purple Tips...
  11. Selling Forums
    Up for grabs is a wysiwyg hornet pack . I will upload pics later on today after class . In the mean time please feel free to contact me via text . 1 313 952 6550 125$ Obo for pack or individually priced below 7polyps true red hornets 45 3 polyps true blue Hornets 30 2 polyps true purple...
  12. Selling Forums
    Hello reefers I have the following frags that can be reserved for the swap with no need to prepay , or can meet before the swap . All these frags are 10$ And are single polyps unless otherwise stated Vivid rainbow paly Raptor rainbow paly Red hornet Zoa Blue hornet zoa Purple death Fruit...
  13. Selling Forums
    Pink Kenya trees bunch of pieces 2-4inch pieces $5 or free with a purchase Green tubs $10 Orange leptastrea coral $10 - 2 frags left Pink goochers 5 heads(nice pink metalic color)- $10 per polyp or $30 for 5 heads Happylicious zoas (peachy in color)-$10 Yellow/black zoas $10 sold Purple hornet...
  14. Trading Forums
    I have: Pink Kenya trees bunch of pieces 2-4inch pieces Green tubs Pink palys (nice shiny metallic pink) Happylicious zoas kinda peach in color Morning glory zoas Yellow/black zoas Purple hornet zoas Eagle eyes zoas Nuke green palys Orange leptastrea sps coral Green poclipora sps coral colony...
  15. Selling Forums
    I have tons of zoa frags available. I may be willing to ship if I can come up with a safe way to do it when its 30 degrees outside. I have frags of the following from 1-6 or 7 polyps some with more pm species and number of polyps you want and I can give you the exact price. All 1 polyp frags are...
  16. Selling Forums
    Hello Fellow Michigan Reefers, Due to an emergency beyond my control I'm in need of some ends; ($$$) I want to ( of course I don't!) sell my Red Hornet Zoas. There are at least 25-30min polyps on this tile. I've had this colony for over two years and they have been great growers. They are the...
1-18 of 138 Results