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    Few frags to get rid of. Will do porch pickup. Text photos upon request. Rainbow monti $5 Meteor shower cyphastrea $10 Jf Gold lepto $10 green lepto $5 Armour of gods $15 Red hornets $15-20 Sunny D's $15
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    Need to clear the frag racks. I can text cell pics by request. Polyps are at least 2 or more polyps on frag plugs. Everything is OBO WWC grafted cap $30 Rainbow monti $10 Gold lepto $10 Green lepto $10 Bigger Green cap $10 Watermelon psammocora $20 Meteor shower cypastrea $10 Red hornets$20...
  3. Want to Buy
    Looking for some nice zoa frags. Preferably Rastas,Blue hornets,purple Hornets.open to others as well. Cant seem to find anything good around my area right now at the LFS's. Thank you
  4. Want to Buy
    Looking for a red and black brain or scoly. Others colors are OK as long as it mainly is red and black. PM or text 734-725-985O. Have cash or plenty to trade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    LOCATED IN MT PLEASANT,MI. 48858 I've got a couple things I wouldn't mind moving to make room for different things. 1) Softball sized peice of LR with ~90 polyps of Tubb's Blues and ~65 polyps of Red Hornets- $100 2) 5 polyp frag of Tubb's Blues- $15 3) 5 polyp Acan(red/orange) - $20 4) Red...
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    Reefers, I have these that I can bring with me to the swap. PM me for questions and pictures 1p gatorade - $10 6p super sayin - $25 4p sunny d - $20 10p super sayin - $40 1p sunkist bounce - dime sized - $75 1p god spawn bounce - larger than quarter - $200 1p jaw breaker baby- $200 25p+...
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    Reefers, I have a few Z and P and sailfin tang for sale Sailfin tang 4inch+ , $45 2p Vivids Rainbow - $20 - Sold 2p Armor of Gods - $15 ( Right of purple hornets ) - Sold 1P - Pink Zippers - $10 (Center of the picture ) - Sold 3p- Tubs Blue - $15 ( Center of the pic ) 2p - Fruit...
  8. Want to Buy
    Looking for some reasonably priced coral frags near my location. Mainly softies and LPS. For softies, mainly zoanthids, such as red hornets, rastas, dragon eye, (anything very colorful), also green toadstool and bright colored red, purple, or blue mushrooms. As for LPS, mainly euphyllias...
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    I have multiple zoa frags for sale. Please shoot me a PM with your number and I will text you pics. 5 polyp Captain America - $20 5 polyp CC Ice Armeggadon - $40 SOLD 10 polyp CB Latin Lovers - $80 5 polyp no name red paly - $20 SOLD 5 polyp Gold Mauls - $30 5 polyp Blue Hornets - $30 13 polyp...
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    I priced everything fairly and below the full retail price per polyp. Zoanthids 4 polyps Candy Apple red - $80 ---- market price $120 5 polyps blondes -$75 ---- market price $125 14 polyp fruit loop - $100 ---- market price $140-210 12 polyp scrambled egg - $60 ---- market price $120 1 polyp...
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    Ive decided to get rid of my last tank as well, just too difficult to take with me. 29 gallon jbj professional LED, lights are good enough for SPS (1 year old) $300 or best offer This is where I got it last year 28g Nano Cube Professional LED: Nano Aquarium Systems & Aquarium Kit 1 true perc...
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    Selling a few higher ends to fund a upgrade, best thing to do is text me and we can put together a pack for the price range you want to stay in. A small list of what's available currently and a few pics. Pictures are not the best due to being in my display tank and only leds, I can update tomm...
  13. Want to Buy
    I am looking for space monsters, blue agaves, blue hornets & bloodshots. I would prefer a multi polyp frag if possible. Please send me a pm if you are willing to let any of these go. Thanks
1-15 of 15 Results