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  1. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I have a 90 gallon tank that 2 years ago was pristine...then I moved and totally f'ed up it's chi. Then I had a newborn and a new job on top of the new house so needless to say my tank pretty much died (along with my reefbreeders). Anywho, I am trying to bring everything back online and need...
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking for an inexpensive large used reactor that someone has laying around. I'm looking for something to turn into a DIY Algae reactor. Thanks!
  3. Want to Buy
    Looking for an inexpensive refractometer. Let me know if you have an extra one laying around. Thanks
  4. Selling Forums
    Making room. Selling two gorgeous colonies for reasonable prices. Softball+ sized ponape birdnest colony; $40. 8x5 inch rock covered with zooanthids; mostly bambams, some watermelons; $50. Send PM if interested.
  5. Selling Forums
    Need to thin out the herd. Will have to do fresh cuts on most of the below but this will likely be to your benefit. Should be large frags for the most part. I will be on travel during the Plymouth frag swap so that is not an option. Want to finish this task well before then anyway. Still...
  6. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I saw an algae scrubber at a local shop today for the first time, and was really impressed. Has anyone here used one and what exactly do they do? I'm thinking about making one. I'm not talking about algae scrubbing brush just to make that clear, I know some people are going to think that's what...
  7. Want to Buy
    looking for a descent cheap light for a ten gallon tank that has bright white light and nice blues for a glow fish tank for my granddaughter.
  8. Want to Buy
    Having trouble finding an inexpensive MH ballast so I'm thinking about switching to LED's. I currently have two LED strip (all blue actinic) which were used to accent the MH. Looking to add a couple of 48" LED strip lights. Anyone have anything they aren't using that would fit this or...
  9. Want to Buy
    Looking for some inexpensive LED moon light options for my 100 gallon tank (to go in my canopy over my tank). If you have anything or can recommend anything, please let me know. THX
  10. New to the Hobby
    Good morning! I'm sure that my question is one that every new person to this forum asks and that you've answered it a hundred times. I apologize in advance for that! :) I read through the FAQ & tried reading the forum for new tanks/cycling, but I had trouble following the threads. I think it's...
  11. Want to Buy
    Just got back into the hobby with a 10g IM nuvo. Been running 3 weeks with lots of LR and CUC and a Jawfish..everything is awesome so far. No algae whatsoever and 0'ed out amm/nitrite/nitrate/phosphate. Have a Kessil 160, so more than plenty of light for anything really. Looking to add...
  12. Reef Fish
    Ok i want to buy a tang for my 90 gallon system. I am just so undecided on which one. Only one will be in there as i dont want it to overcrowded. What suggestions do you have? Here is a pic of my system.
  13. Want to Buy
    The plastic rim on my 40 long cracked. I'd like to replace the tank or the plastic frame. Let me know what you have, thanks! I've thrown around the idea of eurobracing the glass- if I can't find a replacement cheap enough I'll go that route. I'm in Kalamazoo
  14. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a cheap temp controller or controller (Apex Jr, etc something inexpensive) this is going on a pico tank to help with temp, so I dont want to dump too much into this. I have some SPS/Zoa's I can trade if you prefer that instead of cash. PM is best way to get me, tapatalk always...
  15. Reef Discussion
    We're going to rip up the carpet from our foyer through living room and dining room (open floor plan) but eventually, I'd like to go down stairs....where our 180 gal reef is. I've been trying to figure out how to least disturb things while doing this. Any ideas? The best idea (least invasive)...
  16. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Good afternoon reefers! I recently acquired a 92 corner bowfront and would love to have a basement sump. What would be a good return pump? Basement has 8 foot ceiling if that helps. Are rubbermade tubs the best way to go? I had pictured one on top of the other perpendicular. Water...
  17. Want to Buy
    I have an older skimmer that uses a recirculation pump. Mine has begun leaking voltage. I was using a rio 1700 and was hoping someone might have one or something similar laying around. I know they are inexpensive but I thought I would try here first. You can pm me or text me at 734 672 8118...
  18. Want to Buy
    Hi I'm starting up a refugium and im looking for a cheap light for it. Its only for a fuge so it doesn't have to be big and expensive. If you have one please let me know. Thanks Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
1-18 of 44 Results