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  1. Do It Yourself
    I'm going to be building a DIY gravity fed ATO and need an opinion. Anyone have any experience building one? It looks fairly simple but if anyone has advice or a design they have had success with I'd like your input. Thank you!
  2. Do It Yourself
    Forgive me if I've posted something like this before, but I'm looking to build a plywood tank soon and would like to find some glass from a large tank that had a seam bust on it. I want to make it a cube of sorts, two sides against the walls and two sides using the long sides of a 48-60 inch...
  3. Selling Forums
    I have a Jebao WP-40 Wavemaker pump with controller. Was purchased in January 2014 so about 1.5 years old. Includes all original parts, everything working 100%. I just don't need it anymore. I routinely cleaned it every couple months so it should have plenty of life left. Asking $40 OBO. Please...
  4. Selling Forums
    All my live stock is gone so it's now time to sell all the dry goods to complete this break down. All prices listed are best offer. Items that I ship are priced to ship. If you come pick them up I am not selling for a lesser price unless agreed upon. I will ship UPS with tracking and insurance...
  5. Selling Forums
    I have an ASM Mini G protein skimmer rated for up to 80 gallons. It is used as I ran it on my 60 cube for a little under 2 months. It did great. I don't need it any longer as I upgraded to a 93 cube. Everything is included except foam filter sock that slips over the discharge. I paid over...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    I had to take one of my dogs to the vet and he was prescribed two medications that I need to get at a pharmacy. Well I called my pharmacy and they want $200 for just one of them without insurance. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to try and get cheaper prescription meds.
  7. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy some black egg crate/Fragging supplies that you might not be using in the Metro Detroit area. Thanks
  8. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I know this isn't a freshwater planted forum but I have been looking for budget lights here. Anyways, every time I think I find a good price "bang for my buck" fixture folks on freshwater planted forums tell me those are underpowered, not true high output and garbage "fishneedit". Or those...
  9. Reef Discussion
    Added a new 40gal breeder to my system yesterday, only to look under the tank and notice it wasn't siting perfectly level. The wooden platform has warped some. Is Styrofoam a good way to level out the tank? I see it used pretty much everywhere under glass tanks that sit on uneven surfaces...
1-9 of 25 Results