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  1. Reef Discussion
    Hey Guys, just recently I noticed the price of yellow tangs going up. Is there a supply and demand issue causing this because of the pandemic?
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    I noticed all kinds of bs in the reef discussion forum. If you guys are short on resources I***8217;ll voulenteer to be a mod and clear stuff out. I***8217;m back after a few year hiatus and really want this site to come back like it used to be. Thanks
  3. Selling Forums
    Hello Michigan Reefers Family! Sadly its time to sell my aquarium. I will be moving in the summer time and will not be able to bring it with me. The tank and all the equipment was purchased in June of 2018, and the tank was set up in September of 2018. I will be breaking the tank down in March...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Old Private Vendor Now Selling In Public. Introducing to the General Public, My Track 1 & Track 2 Dumps Service! Skimm My Own Dumps. Not A Reseller.... Many Customer Don't Know Which Bins Work In His/Her Area. Just Say which Countries You Want To work, And I Send The Dumps You Need. Regular...
  5. Trading Forums
    No idea if this has value to anyone, or how much, so I'm open to any coral trades... not looking for equipment. This was my main tank for the past 12+yrs. I recently upgraded to a new tank/stand. It's held water without issue, but the silicone on the inside is peeled or peeling away, no leaks...
  6. Fish Disease Treatment
    what do you think is the issue with this guy? I have tried netting him to no avail. He can still move quick when the net comes close. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dPverxK1i9jAKD2YA
  7. Selling Forums
    Euro Reef skimmer 12 inch diameter and 30 inches tall. CS12-2-RC uses two sedra ksp 9000 pumps. This is a massive skimmer. I used it plumbed outside my sump but would work in sump as well. This was used on a 300 gallon reef tank and worked flawlessly. If you are ready to get serious with...
1-8 of 430 Results