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jebao wp40
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    I have a Jebao WP-40 Wavemaker pump with controller. Was purchased in January 2014 so about 1.5 years old. Includes all original parts, everything working 100%. I just don't need it anymore. I routinely cleaned it every couple months so it should have plenty of life left. Asking $40 OBO. Please...
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    Lets first say i have searched the forum and did not find any results for what is going on. I have had the pump for little over a year now and it has stopped working. The pump is getting power from the controller,there are no breaks or shorts in the wires, and the pump has been cleaned with...
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    I have a Pair of Jebao WP40 that I bought planing to use on a bigger tank 180G+. Well its been 3 months now and there just collecting dust, and I could use the extra cash now so I'm selling them. The extent of use these pumps have had was just to make sure they worked. I didn't want to...
1-3 of 3 Results