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kalk reactor
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    Selling my TLF kalk reactor. Just put on a brand new check valve on this system. Just need to add a maxi-jet. Looking to get $55 OBO. Will ship at cost. Used it on my 180gal system but I went to two part so I don't need this anymore. Works great. PM is the best way to get in touch.
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    GEO XL Kalk Reactor - $150, Cole Parmer Dosing Pump w/ 2 Heads - $125 XL Geo 618 Kalk Reactor with pump - $150 Cole Parmer Scientific Grade Dosing Pump w/ 2 heads - $125 I will ship on your dime. Pictures available (Six One Six) 886-Six Nine Six Four. No trades except for 24x18x24 Exo...
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    Hello! I have the following items for sale. I posted links below for each product. If you want an actual picture of the one I have, just let me know and I can text or email it to you. Green Star Polyps: Large than a softball size rock covered in it $20 2 smaller pieces around baseball sized...
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    updating Here is the new list 55 gallon tank not drilled $40 lots of smaller tanks 10's. 15's 20 high 20 long (not drilled) $1 a gallon Cube style tank 16"x17"x18" fish room quality not drilled $30 This is just the start, I have to go thru the rest of the stuff in my basement and...
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    120g Tank, Geo Calcium & Kalk Reactor, Euroreef Skimmer, Icecap 660's, Magnavore 6ER Cleaning out the basement...quite a few things for sale (and more to come I'm sure). Geo Kalk Reactor, good shape $100 GeoKalk_zpsc028425d.jpg Photo by jck3120 | Photobucket Euroreef RC-135a Skimmer, has...
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    Feel like I practically need to give this stuff away this time of year...come pick it up. Euroreef RC-135a skimmer with Sedra 5000 pump. Can run internal or external. Works great. See link for more info. $90 Euro-Reef? RC135 (Recirculating) Protein Skimmer 20140722_211231_zpsf6857da1.jpg...
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    Tunze 6206 nano wavebox $200 Precision Marine KR620 Kalk Reactor $175 Digital Aquatics RKM-PC4 (4 avaliable) $55 Digital Aquatics RKM-MLC Moon Light Controller with 6 blue LED Pods $55 EcoExotic PAR38 NEW $50 Hydor Koralia Evolution 1400 $45 AquaticMedic Twin digital programmable Dosing pumps $200
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    Lots of equipment! Tunze, Korralin, Digital Aquatics etc... Been out of the hobby for a while but I have a ton of good equipment I live just south of the border in Indiana 45min from Kalamazoo. Will ship anything or pickup welcome! I do have this listed on other forums but will keep whats...
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    Cleaning out the basement and have a bunch of equipment to get rid of. Euroreef RC-135a skimmer with Sedra 5000 pump. Can run internal or external. Works great. See link for more info. $125 Euro-Reef? RC135 (Recirculating) Protein Skimmer 20140722_211231_zpsf6857da1.jpg Photo by jck3120 |...
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    I am going to be moving again and can't take all these tanks with me. I will probably be adding to this list as I am trying to clean out the fish room a bit to make the move a little less stressful. 1. Zero edge aquarium-24 gal tank, stand, sump, pump, skimmer and live rock. Asking $350 Zero...
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    icecap 660 ballst with harness $50 Pending 12 t5 endcaps and standoffs $20
  12. Advanced Topics
    I've been reading about lanthanum chloride after hearing about it on a thread on GFO. It apparently has the ability to quickly remove almost all phosphates. I just ordered a bottle of Seaklear and want to give it a try. I've read about it being used by dosing it into a skimmer or other reactor...
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    Mag 12 New = 90 Used =65 Mag 7 used = 40 Rio 2100 used =25 Fish Need It 4 bulb, 2"4; t5 light =50 Tek 4 bulb 36"; t5 fixture, needs one ballast replaced = 35 Ro/di add on chamber= 5 6x8 acrylic look down boxes = 10 Red Sea Ozone generator w/ air dryer = 100 Ph monitor, does not come with...
  14. Members Tanks
    Greetings all, I've been away from the reef forums the past year or so as family and business demanded all my available time. I've finally reached a point where I have some time to devote to the reef-keeping hobby (addiction.) Over the past 20 years, I've built and kept a variety of smaller...
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    I have multiple salt water fish tank supplies for sale. 120 gallon All-Glass dual-internal overflow aquarium and stand, 4'x2'x2'. Aquarium has been empty for 4 months. It needs to be cleaned, but is fully functional and was my display tank for many years. I'm only selling, as I opted to get a...
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    Reeftek Kalk stirrer/reactor. Been running this for quite a while. Works great. $120/OBO. ReefTek.com - Nilsen (Kalk - Kalkwasser) Reactor
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    basement cleanout. ozone reactor, 24" t5 lights, 36 t5 tek light(needs a new ballast), geo kalk reactor, maxi jet pumps, waterblaster 3000, new/used mag pumps, uv light. looking for coral.
  18. SPS Keepers
    Ok....so....not new to this, but new to some issues I'm having. Small system, total of 50 gallons. Display is 36 x 18 x 15. Params are good. Been running with biopellets for 4 months. Lighting is 6 x 39 T5 (aquatic life). Details below. Mag: 1340 Alk: 9.3 (from Hanna) Cal: 420 PO4...
  19. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Im going to be getting a kalk reactor in the mail soon i just wanna know how often should i replace the kalk? or does it get used up and i just add more?? Thanks :)
1-20 of 372 Results