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  1. Selling Forums
    Have Large Koran angel(beginning to change into full adult color-$40 14" snowflake eel-$35 7" banana wrasse-$50-Pending large Durgon Triggerfish-$50 Will give discount if multiple are purchased at once, open to trade for invertebrates and or reef safe fish. Please contact for photos or any...
  2. Selling Forums
    I have a Pint Tail Trigger $50, Purple Tang $90, Regal Tang $50, Clown Fish $30, and Stars n Strips Wrasse $30 These are all large full size fish that I have had for many years. All disease free very health fish. Or all for $150 In New Boston Mi. Thanks
  3. Reef Discussion
    im just looking to say hello! I've been out of the hobby for about 5 years and Im ready to get back. I have many years of experience but we decided to start a family and I had to take a break. My wife and I are done having kids. No more diapers woo hoo!!!!! lol. My two oldest are now 4 and 6...
  4. Selling Forums
    Selling a XL Heniochus with awesome 6" streamer. Extremely out going fish and personable. Begs for food by chomping his mouth at you. Pretty crazy to watch actually. I will definitely miss him. He will be your favorite for sure. He's a big boy so will definitely hold his own in a system...
  5. Want to Buy
    anyone have any Large fish they are looking to sell? i have to stock a 250 tank!
  6. Want to Buy
    I have a client that is looking to stock a 180 gallon tank They are looking for medium to large reef safe fish. Please let me know what you have and prices. Pic can be sent to 586-six51-387nine
  7. Selling Forums
    Large sailfin, hippo tang, orange shoulder tang, beautiful wrasse, two huge chocolate chip star fish, and lots of live rock. Fish are 6+ inches for larger tanks. $600 for everything must be picked up by Friday 12am Moving sale 586-222-6206
  8. Want to Buy
    I'm looking to trade things I have or buy larger fish. Also looking for eels and possibly sharks. Plz feel free to text me 517-750-7464 if you have something. Here is a link to my cl ad. The led is sold. Fish room clean out
  9. Selling Forums
    Well the time has come for me to get out of the hobby, baby #2 on the way. All of my fish are VERY healthy, fat, friendly, disease free, and stable. I have around 350 + pounds of premium live rock, lots of unique pieces covered in Coraline. The more lbs. You buy the better the price will be...
  10. Selling Forums
    Extra large fish and coral I have a few fish to get rid of and two very large leather corals. 1st is a Two barred Rabbitfish about 12 inches long $100 obo. 2nd is Blue Hippo tang that about 10 inches long $100 obo. 3rd is Yellow tang that 8 inches long $60 obo Then I have a toad stool that...
  11. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Please delete I put it on the wrong section
  12. Selling Forums
    Thinning out large fish stock as my corals are getting too dense. All of these fish have been in my system for a year or older other than the Sailfin and eat Nori, Pellets and Mysis. I do run UV which has kept the fish additionally healthy. Some fish I still need to catch and will be using a...
  13. Want to Buy
    looking for a few large tangs and a metallic foxface. maybe a large angle. must be healthy thanks:670:
  14. Want to Buy
    looking for large metallic foxface, purple tang, powder blue tang, orange shoulder tang, or any large colorful fish thanks
  15. Advanced Topics
    I found a fish i want to buy from a guy on another forum and he lives in canada. Will i have any issues with customs when i bring the fish back into michigan? Are corals any different? Its a larger fish so i cant hide it.
  16. Selling Forums
    Complete 70 gallon tank for sale 70 gallon tank....awesome condition, 30 gallon refugium with 4 baffles, black canopy with a 4 inch exhaust fan with two 4 inch side vents....all 3 have vent covers, front flip opening for easy access, black stand with removable front panel for easy access to the...
  17. Selling Forums
    Hi, This is a beautiful Orange Solder Tang with Adult colors, I got it when tiny about 10 months ago and it is now getting too large for my tank, I already have two large fish in tank, its tank mates is a blue tang and emperor angel. The orange shoulder tang has much brighter yellow colors than...
  18. Reef Fish
    I would like to add some more fish to my 95 at some point. I currently have two percs, two four strip damsels, and one bicolor basslet. I am interested in a variety of reek safe fish but don't want to worry about the four strip stressing new fish out to much. I have been reading some stuff...
1-18 of 237 Results