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    your typical long spine sea urchin. Body is about the size of a golf ball. Spines and 6in+. Been in my tank for a couple years. 25 dollars for the sea urchin. Willing to trade for an LPS coral. Im not picky. Looking for some Devils Hand leather coral.
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    SOLD - Leaving the hobby sale - Thank you everyone Due to family reasons, I'll be leaving the hobby for a few years. The complete system is up for sale. Fish and corals need to go first and then the equipment. Everything below comes out to $3400 (with heavy heavy discounts) - will sell...
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    These are some beautiful, bubbly, rainbow bubble tips. Each is 2-3" in diameter. None available on 19-March Call or text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001.
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    Coral: XL Pipe Organ Colony 5x6- $40 or half for $25 Large Green Spongodes x4 - $30 Green Sinularia 8"- $30 Green Hydnophora frags $10 Equipment: 75 Gal wide sump - $75 30 gal cube tank with stand- $150 Text 58six 3three7 09six2 or go to mireefers for pics
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    I can't make it to the swap, but let this be your first post-swap opportunity! Tank is FULL. I've got LOTS of corals and YOU NEED THEM! Even though it's a "post-swap sale", it starts TODAY! TEXT OR CALL me at 81zero-8seven5-0001. First come first serve. Too many corals to hold and keep...
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    Hi I am looking to purchase a frag of Fiji or Tonga Yellow Leather coral. I am in Wayne County, Michigan. Please let me if you have one to sell. Thanks, Mike Flowers Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    TEXT or CALL me at 81zero-8seven5-0001. None available at the moment.
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    Have a small piece of leather coral (piece on left, about 3 inches tall) and a golf ball size piece of GSP $15 takes them both... Located in Shelby township
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    Only a few left. Reduced price to move. TEXT or CALL me at 81zero-8seven5-0001 or for pics. Not interested in trades. Cornbread's flaming phoenix monti (4 avail) - $30 each, mounted for 3 months on 1" plugs. Forest Fire dig - $15 (1 avail) branching and on plugs Tubbs Lavender monti - $20...
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    Location: flushing (near flint) Breaking down my glass 125. It is 5ft by 18 x 26. Custom rough sawn cedar stand. Grey wash rustic look. Large very live rocks for sale $50 each. Up to 30 lbs each most have coral attached. Mushrooms, challice ,sponge, feather dusters , Asteria and brittle...
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    Must sell 75 Gallon Tank 50 Gallon Sump Skimmer 60 Pounds Live Rock, 2 Orbit LED Lights, RO Unit, will also give Clown Fish Bengahi Cardinal Fish and Spotted Goby, $600 Dollars OBO, IF INTERESTED PLEASE CALL Mike 313-720-7991 or leave Text will send Photos
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    All pieces are mounted to small rocks and looking really good. You can text/call me with any questions or for pictures. 81zero-8seven5-0001 Finger leather - $10 small (2)
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    YELLOW SCROLL CORAL (TURBINARIA SP.) Just checking with locals, rather than ordering... Looks like folks are not housing these corals any more , I guess they need a challenge ;)
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    WTB small healthy fiji yellow leather... (Sarcophyton elegans) Tanks, -Ed
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    Updated 3.4.19. If interested call/text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001. Almost gone. SPS Green slimer - big 8" branching $50 (1) Idaho grape monti - $10 (3) Cornbread's Flaming Phoenix monti - (5) contact me SOFTIES Tyree neon toadstool - $30 (1) Finger leather - $10 small (2); $20 lg (1)...
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    Looking for a few things to stock a 29g Biocube Must be close because i hate driving :) i'm on Hall road/Hays in Macomb TWP Gorgonians (Photosynthetic Type) (Small-Mid size) Green Toadstool Leather (Small size) Elegance coral (Small to Mid size) Blastomussa coral (1-3 Heads) RBTA (Small)...
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    Home for the holidays. I have Yellow Fiji Leather Coral $40 Green Branching Hammer $7 a head. Trades considered.
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    SOLD I am selling the whole system due to moving-my loss your gain-below is listed everything I can think of-with a nominal value for all the Corals and fish to give a representation of total value-- OVER $1200 WORTH OF LIVESTOCK + THE EQUIPMENT--ALL FOR $800 -CHECK OUT LINK BELOW FOR...
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    My corals are getting overgrown again and I thought I'd offer some up to everyone here first! Orange digitata + purple flowerpot + green montipora combo rock $15 Orange digitata + brain coral combo rock $15 Purple stylophora 2" frag on plug $5 Green monitpora (yellow polyps) - 2" pieces $5...
1-20 of 500 Results