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  1. Selling Forums
    ALL LIVESTOCK CURRENTLY PENDING Selling all my remaining livestock. Pictures are numbered to match list. Best way to reach me is by text: 313-590-3407 Fish: Melanurus Wrasse (approx. 3 inches) - $30 Tomini Tang (approx. 2 inches) - $30 Corals: #2 Cherry Corals Bulletproof Elegance (~6" x 6")...
  2. Selling Forums
    Looking to sell complete 300 gallon acrylic tank with all accessories , stand and canopy, leds, pump, sump and livestock. Was bought new at Kees 6 years ago and has been professionally maintained by Aquax. Is up and running and you are able to see it. Will not separate. $1800 complete with...
  3. Selling Forums
    Hi Guys: Figured I start a Thread just for the Leftover Livestock. Have lots of: Purple and Green - Frogspawn. 3 head colonies to 25 plus pieces - $ 5 a head Green Candy Cane - NOT Neon Greens - One large colony, willing to Frag. $ 5 a head Monti Cap - $ 5.00 a piece Galaxea Tooth...
  4. Selling Forums
    Contact Info: Call/Text 5eight62ninetwo9nine8four ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Air, Water & Ice typhoon III RO/DI Unit $60 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ITEMS ARE GOING FAST! But keep an eye on the thread as I add more as I get time to photograph clean etc. etc.
  5. Members Tanks
    Hey everyone! I am new to the forum and thought what better way to introduce myself than to start a journal for my nano! A little bit about me, I am a graduate student at the University of Michigan and will be graduating in 2019. I am originally from Chicago - hence the username! :meeting: I...
  6. Want to Buy
    Looking to purchase a 20-40 gallon setup. Complete or just tank and stand. I dont like the looks of a biocube.. Rimless, custom, square, lidded etc all ok. Would like it complete with stand. Located in Ortonville, willing to travel 2 hours for a nice setup. Willing to spend up to $300. First...
  7. Selling Forums
    Selling my JBJ 28 gallon tank with built in full spectrum dimmable LED's, matching stand, black Caribbean live sand, some live rock, few extras......$240. Willing to trade for higher end zoas, palys, lps or anemones. Text for pics 313-268-319five.
  8. Selling Forums
    I am selling all my livestock. I am asking $350 for each half of the tank. I can't catch the fish so they go with the second half. I have many corals and each half has 20-30lbs of live rock. I can't catch the fish so they go to the last person. I also don't want to disturbed the gravel. My...
  9. Selling Forums
    5-6" naso $100 SOLD 4-5" magnificent fox face $100 SOLD 3-4" scopas tang $25 3-4" orange shoulder tang $25 SOLD 2 10" green brittle stars $5 each SOLD 10" black brittle star $5 SOLD 8" red brittle star $5 SOLD Text for pics of fish 8105164918
  10. Want to Buy
    I recently moved but my 30 gal Hex is still running at my old house. I would like to set up a 60gal or similar tank at the new house so i only have to move the livestock. I am mainly interested in a tank, stand and canopy but would consider buying a full setup with livestock for the right price...
  11. Selling Forums
    FYI, Mothers Reef in Kalamazoo is closing its doors. He is selling everything, livestock and equipment. Just thought some of you would like to know.
  12. Reef Discussion
    I am running a 90 gallon mixed reef. I dont really want to spend too much time running tests. I have your basic water test kit for ph,ammonia,nitrite,and nitrate. I dont have or really want to test for anything else such as mag./calcium etc. I have been doing 10% every 5-7 days using reef...
  13. Selling Forums
    Hi, I bought this light brand new a few months ago. The light works perfectly but I would like to go a different direction. I also have the 120° lenses. I still have the box and everything it came with. The price is $330. Please send me message if your interested.
  14. Vendor Experiences
    Went into something Fishy in Westland a couple weeks ago looking for some Marine Snow. The clerk didn't know off-hand what I was talking about, but took me back to the coral food area. Sure enough there was one bottle of Marine Snow on the shelf. I quickly noticed that it was well past...
1-14 of 41 Results