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    IM Nuvo 30 Long All in One Full Setup - Separating Livestock for $200 Looking to sell full setup and tank, preferably as a whole (currently up and running) or parted out provided there is sufficient interest. Price for the full tank as standing with all equipment is $900 OBO, including...
  2. Selling Forums
    Erectus seahorses for sale. These are about 6 months old, captive bred tank raised, and eating frozen mysis. I will ship overnight USPS only in the state of Michigan or you can arrange to pick them up. Buyer pays shipping which is determined by your zip code. Message me for any questions...
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    Have sold tank and Livestock, now i need to get rid of rest, Rodi Kent Maxxima 4 stage, 75$ or best food grade water storage with float shut off 40$ or best , ( to store filtered water). heaters, crushed coral sand, sump tank, ground for tank, ph monitor, many more items , would be great...
41-43 of 500 Results