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  1. New to the Hobby
    Hey all! I am just starting out with my first reef tank. I have a 55g freshwater, planted, guppy and snail tank that is thriving but wanted to step up my game. I purchased a 120g with stand and sump. Then bought a roughly 20-30g tank for external refugium (cause I think they look cool) and setup...
  2. Selling Forums
    I have a 29g Biocube with LED and CFL lighting w/stand. Comes with In-Tank media tower and I believe I still have a light for the refugium, $150. Also, I have an IM Nuovo 20 with Tunze 9100 skimmer, $75. Willing to entertain trades. I really need these tanks gone by next weekend. Getting a...
  3. Selling Forums
    For sale is a 65 gallon custom aquarium manufactured by Miracles Aquarium. Tank dimensions are 36x24x18 (length x depth x height) with bevelled and polished Starphire glass. External ghost overflow in the back with 3 drains. It's important to note that the tank has scratches. I attempted to...
  4. Selling Forums
    Perhaps the best piece of liverock I've ever owned, with bam-bam zoanthids, radioactive dragon eye zoanthids, a couple superman rhodactis and some green mushrooms. Rock is ~12-14" across with a nice tunnel/cave. No nuisance algae in my tank and everything is dipped before it goes in. I'm...
  5. Selling Forums
    In case anyone didn't see on the MR FB page. Email [email protected] for pics or if you're interested in coming out to pick up some really reasonably priced corals. Selling most of my pieces. Can work on bundled prices. No piece more than the cost of a tank of gas. I run a very...
  6. Selling Forums
    Kessil A350W, Ai Vega, AquaC Skimmer & Mag 3 Pump Selling the following: - Kessil A350W tuna blue with original box, power cable extensions, paperwork & gooseneck adapters (gooseneck not included). Only selling to switch to an A360WE - SOLD - Ai Vega Color (Black) with Wireless...
  7. Selling Forums
    Neon Green and Pink Frogspawn. Been growing and fragging this colony for over 7 years. Purple Heart Shroom -$15
  8. Want to Buy
    Restarting my 250 gallon 10 year-old reef system after a train wreck. Looking for interesting, colorful LR and some big softies and LPS. Many thanks, Mike. Pics appreciated at 248.821.4373.
  9. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a small chunk of Chaeto to start my refugium. I live in Grand Haven but work in GR so either is fine. I'm also in the process of starting my tank. Looking for LPS, Zoas, and Montis if anyone has any for sale.
  10. Selling Forums
    Last of corals & equipment, package deal available! GRAPE CAULERPA ALGAE CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: NEW Reef Octopus Pump $70 CORALIFE 36watt UV Sterilizer, $170 brand new bulbs used it for less than 3weeks Blue birds nest $50 Green/blue frogspawn 3 heads $40 BAG OF GRAPE...
  11. Selling Forums
    $1800.00 o.b.o - Not willing to Part out 180g display 72x24x24 55g refugium 150+lbs live rock 3 - radion xr30w Kessil A160WE Reef Octo 110 Maxspect Grye 250 Assortment of other pumps and heads RODI filtration unit. Buckets, salt and misc. supply Frozen and flake food. 10" Blue Hippo 5"...
  12. Trading Forums
    I have a one year old Nuvo 20 Gallon Abyss Drop off tank. It comes with a Custom Stand, Reactor, Protein Skimmer, almost new canister filter. Everything but a light Looking to trade for LPS Colonies, no frags. Text 586-260-1045. I don't check here often, so wont be replying to PM's.
  13. Selling Forums
    SPS & LPS Colonies and Frags for sale I can bring anything to the Sterling Heights Frag Swap if needed. (Sunday 4/29) Might be up for trades just let me know what you got. I can text higher resolution pictures. Pictures are numbered to match list below. Best way to contact is by text...
  14. Want to Buy
    Hey everyone I am looking to get some more Lps hammers torches frogspawn and any others as well as nice zoas and palys preferred around where I live Text me let me know what you got Chris 586 230 4148
  15. Selling Forums
    NEW Reef Octopus Pump, 36watt UV Sterilizer, Workhorse Ballast,50G TANK CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: NEW Reef Octopus Pump $70 CORALIFE 36watt UV Sterilizer, $180 brand new bulbs Blue birds nest $50 Green/blue frogspawn 3 heads $40 Pink/green frogspawn 2 heads $50 Blue Hippo Tang...
41-56 of 500 Results