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  1. Want to Buy
    Looking for a small green bubble tip, long tentacle or similar anemone. I've got a clarkii which would be much happier with a proper nem instead of my euphyllia. Would be able to meet near Adrian, Jackson, A-2, or anywhere in between.
  2. Anemones & Clownfish
    I got this two LTA last week at Stingray Bay both are about 6-8" round. Both seem to be healthy but the only thing I was wondering is why both of the anemones mouth are open all the time.???? Can someone shed some light on this. Thanks everyone
  3. Anemones & Clownfish
    My gbta is looking terrible. Lost all color, foot is almost completely detached like it's about to fall off the rock. He's been downhill for 2 weeks now, but everytime I really thought he was making a recovery..he'd deflate and inflate constantly, which has gotta be bad. He's still got one...
  4. Selling Forums
    Looking to sell or trade my yellow tang, he's out grown my tank and would like to see him go where he can have a little more swimming space. Asking $30 would trade for BTA/LTA or Corals.
  5. Anemones & Clownfish
    Just got this guy 2wks ago. My blue spotted goby decided to start digging right in front of him so he moved and some how got sucked up into the new circulation pump we have. He's pretty stuck in there. Not sure how to get him out. And not sure if he's even still alive :( any suggestions on...
  6. Reef Discussion
    Anyone have their Feather Duster host a clown? When I got up this morning one of my clowns was sleeping in my feather duster. The feather duster was all opened up and didn't seem to care that the clown was in it!! Sent from my LG-LS696 using Tapatalk 2
  7. Anemones & Clownfish
    Just curious as you rarely see them outside the west coast. I'm wondering if anyone has a nem other than a LTA or BTA (and no I'm not looking for maxi minis). I've been fascinated with them for the last few years and am going to pick up an H. malu next time I catch one in the divers den. Yes I...
  8. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a healthy Purple LTA Preferably on the smaller side....if you have one or seen one please let me know Thank you
  9. Anemones & Clownfish
    I have a pair of young percs that have paired up but not changed sex yet (they're both still the same size). We have verified they are true percs by the eye coloration and fin spine count. In the last week one of them has started to change color. You can see from this pic that he has a black...
  10. Want to Buy
    Looking for either a bubble tip or long tentacle anemone.
  11. Reef Discussion
    I have an new lta that hasnt looked great since i got it and today its closed and surrounded by hermit crabs! What are the crabs doing? is the anemone dying? It hasnt turned inside out or anything, it just looks like its pooping. My other anemones are great. or ,sorry to sound gross.....but...
  12. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    its some sort of nem but idk what for sure? is it aptasia? i have this one which is the biggest but i have maybe a half dozen more of smaller ones i plan on gettings them all off the tank anyway because theres bubble algae that needs to be removed too but just hoping its not bad lol maybe its...
  13. Anemones & Clownfish
    Who has more than one anemone species in there tank? how has it worked out for you? I have 1 lta, 1 condy, and a baby rbta. I am aware of the possible ramifications of this, i am lookign for anyone who has done it long term and succeded.
  14. Anemones & Clownfish
    Anyone ever had a clown tear the tentacles off of a nem? I know clowns often bite the tips to stimulate secretion in themselves and stickiness in the nem, but last light I witnessed this. She is kinda a PITA anyway, nipping the fins of a poor little clarkii, and such. So anyway, as soon as I saw...
  15. Members Tanks
    This is my "natural" 55. I take a fairely low maintenance approach with a lot of macro in the display and some soft coral. Theres one very large lta, a small warty nem that rides a hermitcrab. Pj cardinal,blue damsel,(need more fish badly but dont have money) 8-9 different macros and im always...
  16. New to the Hobby
    Is it possible to have too much lighting in your tank? 2 weeks ago I bought an Aquatic Life 48" 4bulb system, and after the first 24 hours, I started noticing algae growth like crazy. I'm scrubbing each pane of glass everyday with my magnet, and twice now with a scrapper to get the harder...
  17. Anemones & Clownfish
    I have a beautiful rose tip but my clowns have decided to host my large colony of duncans. Is there any way to get them out of the duncans? I am worried about them aggravating and killing the duncan. The duncan is not open as full as it usually is. They had started to try to host my large...
  18. Selling Forums
    Green Haddoni Carpet $25 must sell asap Looking to sell off my Green Carpet anemone. its about 8-10" across. Its a green Haddoni and it is just unhappy in my tank and I don't know why. I have my theories but I will keep them to myself. I bought this off of LA about a month ago asking $25...
  19. Selling Forums
    Need to sell my LTA asap its a purple Long tentacle $30 Call me for pick up Eric 248-376-1166 ---------- Post added 05-20-2011 at 09:17 PM ---------- I can wait till tomorrow morning....any reasonable offer will work. this is a steal folks Eric 248-376-1166 ---------- Post added...
1-19 of 355 Results