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macro algae
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  1. Selling Forums
    Hi, I am selling a Precision Marine Macro Algae reactor. $100. In great shape, has very little use. Please see picture. If interested please text me at 2487989488. I am open to trading for high end sps.
  2. Want to Buy
    looking for some macro algae in the Flint area . thanks
  3. Selling Forums
    Hi. I have a few frags to clear out. Let me know if the prices are off. Nephthea. Approx 3 inches. Multi-branch. $20. Ricordea Yuma. 3 available. Large approx 2 inches, $25. Medium - 2 available - approx 1.5 inches, $20 each. Gorgonian - 3 frags available. Approx 4 inches, multi-branch. $10...
  4. Selling Forums
    Cool macro algae that doesnt usually get picked on by herbivorous fish. WYSIWYG. $10 text 586 337 0962
  5. Selling Forums
    Im selling a freezer bag of caulerpa prolifera. this is not a species which "goes sexual" that is Caulerpa racemosa. it will be coming form auxiliary tank on my system which has no fish in it and therefore the tank is loaded with pods, mostly tisbe. this algae works great for refugiums and i...
  6. Premium Aquatics
    Vertex UF-1 & ROX Carbon PROMO Don't miss this limited time deal, receive a free UF-1 reactor with the purchase of these 2 1000ml ROX carbons.* Simply add this item to your shopping cart and you'll receive: 2 x 1000ml ROX 0.8 Carbon AND a Vertex UF-1 Media Reactor.**...
  7. Premium Aquatics
    Fritz Turbo Start LIVE Nitrifying Bacteria The ORIGINAL LIVE Nitrifying Bacteria. Fresh shipment just arrived. This product normally needs overnight shipping, but during these colder months, you can take advantage of our $7.99 COLD/Refrig 2 day air shipping program. Flat rate of only 7.99 and...
  8. Selling Forums
    I have a lot of this growing in my macro display as well as my refugium. ill make some good sized sandwich bags for anyone interested. C. prolifera is a good refugium algae, it grows fast and anchors on to the substrate so it doesnt end up in your pump. $5
  9. Premium Aquatics
    30% OFF Bubble Magus D8/D9 Skimmers Bubble Magus Curve D8 DC Internal Protein Skimmer, reg 399.99, SALE $279.99 Bubble Magus Curve D9 DC Internal Protein Skimmer, reg 469.99, SALE $328.99 https://premiumaquatics.com/search?search=Bubble+Magus+DC+Internal 20% OFF Bubble Magus A5 DC Skimmer...
  10. Members Tanks
    Hello, I just discovered this site/forum and I'm excited that it's Michigan based! I'm very much still a newbie to this hobby, but I've learned a ton over the last three years. Definitely some ups and downs, but it's been mostly a great experience and super addictive. In March 2016, I...
  11. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    Not sure what this is. Pic isn't the greatest showed up after an ammonia spike
  12. Reef Discussion
    My tank has been up and running for about 9 weeks now. I believe the tank has cycled, as my Ammonia and Nitrite are 0ppm and my nitrates have been testing 0-5ppm range for the past few weeks. I did notice a bit of a diatom bloom yesterday, but that may have been brought on by me (added new LED...
  13. Selling Forums
    For sale is a complete 29g biocube system. This includes tank, stand, heater, LED light with moon light, live rock, live sand, approximately 24 green with pink tip BTA, peppermint shrimp, snails, hermit crabs, red and green macro algae. Basically includes everything pictured EXCEPT the fish...
  14. Trading Forums
    Want to trade coral for hard to find macro algae. ...reds and blues....pm if you want to
  15. New to the Hobby
    I have had my 36 gal up for almost a year. I have had some hair algae issues but this other algae started growing and I pick it out and it comes right back. Someone told me its a type of macro algae. I have bought different kinds of snails, blue leg hermits, lawnmower blenny, an emerald crab and...
  16. Marine Plants & Macroalgae
    Hey Everyone Any know what this is? Also is it bad to have in your tank? Thanks for any info.
  17. Water Chemistry
    I was checking out my tank a little bit ago and everything was looking good, go back to the fridge to grab a beer 35 mins later, turn around and was like wtf!? It looks like someone poured oil into my tank, and that's the best way I can describe it. Tanks been up for almost 2 years, and I've...
  18. Selling Forums
    24" PC light fixture SOLD Sandwich bag full of Cheato/Calipura macro algae $5 Venturi $30 OTP 2000 PUMP $80 10G TANK $10 Frag tank 40g custom built in heater and return $120 Call or Text Only: 2487902544 MAKE OFFERS mother color of the sour apple not for sale
  19. Selling Forums
    Large sour apple, birdnest sps frags, 24'' light fixture, frag tank, 48" 8 bulb t5 t 24" PC light fixture $20 Sandwich bag full of Cheato/Calipura macro algae $5 Venturi $30 BIRDSNEST SPS $10 A FRAG OTP PUMPT $80 LARGE BIRDSNEST FRAGS $15 CANDY APPLE SPS $20 A FRAG LARGE 10G TANK $10...
1-19 of 500 Results