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macro algae
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  1. Reef Discussion
    I have a hair algae problem. I'd like to pick up some clean up crew additions, but I am also adding some macro algae and already have some. I want to make sure they don't get taken out by the clean up crew. Any suggestions?
  2. Marine Plants & Macroalgae
    Hoping you guys can help me. I am just setting up a macro algae/copepod farm setup in a 10 gallon tank. I was hoping to put some sort of livestock in there that is actually interesting so that I'm not just looking at macro algae. I just picked up a 10 gallon tank. I will be adding dry sand and...
  3. Want to Buy
    Looking to purchase some macro algae and clean up crew. Chaeto Caulerpa Codium Gracilaria Nassarius Snails Mexican turbo snails Astraea snail Cerith snail Emerald crab brittle star (small) electric blue hermit crab scarlet red hermit crab Margarita snail Thank you
  4. New to the Hobby
    I have been doing water changes every 2 weeks on my 54 corner saltwater tank. I have some hardy coral (kenya trees and some button polyps) as well as a few fish. All seem to be doing well. I took my water in for a check at Pruess Pets. Was told my level is 1.022 and should be higher and my...
  5. Want to Buy
    Found some, thanks! WTB chaeto near Macomb Township Found some. Thanks! Looking for chaeto locally to make a refugium in my Biocube 14. Also interested in other macro algae like dragons breath.
  6. Selling Forums
    I am looking to off load some of my macro Algae. I will give away 2 softball size clumps to the first two who can pick up. It is much easier to get ahold of me by text message or phone call: 616-638-3415. Thanks, Chris
  7. Want to Buy
    Looking for a some chaeto/macro algea for refugium in the lakeshore area. Thanks
  8. Want to Buy
    Im looking for some macro algae locally calurpa or cheato preferred, system needs to be free of flat worms. Thanks Russ
  9. Selling Forums
    We have a 3-4 inch porcupine puffer that eats frozen thawed krill, clams, fish and live food too. Looking to get $40 obo. Also have a 90 gal bow front tank with black live sand, 40-50 live rock (has a little macro algae on it), versa top, heaters, reef octopus hang on the back protein skimmer...
  10. Selling Forums
    Okay so I misread the description and apparently there is a size difference between adult and juvenile adult Large. I needed an Achilles tang bigger than 5 inches; to hang with the rest of my tangs but unfortunately this one came in at about 3.5 inches; which I know my chocolate tang will go...
  11. Selling Forums
    Beginning of getting out of the hobby. Fishies go first. MANDARIN Sold to DEFCLONE PM me if you are interested. You can also try my cell at 989-600-6903. I also have tons of purple and some green frogspawn. - $2/head PENDING SALE to ARCHER I have other corals and fish to sell soon, but...
  12. Reef Discussion
    I have a new Powder Blue that is currently in my QT in hypo. He's doing quite well and eating like crazy. I've been feeding him Rod's dried algae and Formula 2 pellets and I was thinking of growing some macro algae in my refugium to supplement his diet. Can anyone give me some helpful tips on...
  13. NMA
    Hey guys and gals, I just moved up to Traverse City and want to get my tank set back up. I'm looking for somewhat local places to do this and thought a club would be a good place to start. My tank has been down for a few years now, so I'd need salt, new filters for my RO/DI, 150lbs of live...
  14. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for some chaeto or other good macro algae for my fuge. Shoot me a text, that's easier for me. 8109386483
  15. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I have a 46 gallon bow front reef tank. I just set up my sump, im using a cpr overflow box. everything is working the way its supposed to, but the drain that goes down from the overflow to the sump. stops about 6 inches from the water level in my first chamber. i was curious on if its ok to...
  16. Selling Forums
    I am looking to off load some of my macro algae. I will give away 2 softball size clumps to the first two who can pick up. It is much easier to get ahold of me by text message or phone call: 616-638-3415. Thanks, Chris ---------- Post added 04-14-2014 at 06:40 PM ---------- all gone for...
  17. New to the Hobby
    Hey guys Im starting a sump up and was planning on sound a filter sock, bio balls, live sand (or should I do live rock), protein skimmer, and return pump. Does that sound right? Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  18. Want to Buy
    Looking for chaeto close to flint burton grand blanc. Please lmk if you have any Salt
  19. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy some cool macro algaes or marine plants. I have nothing in particular in mind. Just let me know what you got and a price! Josh
41-60 of 475 Results