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  1. Photography
    Getting good pictures under LEDs remains a challenge for me. Getting the correct color balance is a struggle, and then detail can be hit or miss. Despite a good camera... Nikon D5100 with a fixed macro lens... I just don't get the results I'd expect. So I got an early production pre-release of...
  2. SPS Keepers
    I am still working on improving the focus and really practicing on taking some cool pics. Below are some Macro shots of the tank last night:
  3. Photography
    So recently I started trying to take some macro photos of my reef and I figured I'd show you all my little trick to take these pics without a macro lens. I use a Nikon D80, a standard 30mm lens and parts I already had on hand to build this adapter. However, the most important parts can be...
  4. Photography
    Okay, so I have no camera. And, I want to start a picture/journal blog of what I'll be doing, not to mention brag about how awesome my tank looks when I get it going + be able to show pics when something might be going wrong, and get advice/help. With that in mind, what are some high-quality...
  5. Photography
    I just bought a canon t2i and I want to get a micro lens for it to take those stunning close ups of corals and fish.. Sent from my iPhone using Smoke signals.
  6. Want to Buy
    Anybody have any up in my area? The more the better. Willing to trade a frag or whatever.
  7. Selling Forums
    WYSIWYG :) Red Dragon From left to right LS:$200 MID:sold RS:sold Rainbow Acro Mini Colony - (SOLD) Colored up colony Buyer is responsible for shipping charges via UPS or Fedex. I may also be willing to meet within Michigan if prefered. Feel free to send me a pm or text if interested...
  8. Photography
    Ok we just got our camera back from being without it for over a year... the camera got dropped by a friend, and the lens broke off. long story short, I replaced the lens, and bought an additional $15 macro to take tank pics. It's pretty cool, but I have no idea what I am doing... lol, I had to...
  9. Photography
    Got a new canon rebel t1i a few weeks ago im pretty happy with it so far. Now i am obviously now a pro at it yet but im learning.
  10. Members Tanks
    Took some pics of the coral in my 60g Brings all new meaning to a cheap z....to me they really are nice even if they are low end He was actually posing, my favorite fish
  11. Photography
    I have been playing around with photography for the last few months and feel like I’m hooked. The other day it was recommended that I pick up a UV filter, for some of my landscape shots. While looking for the best one, I came across close up lens, does anyone use these for their macro shots...
  12. Photography
    These photos were taken with a Nikon D5100. The macro lens I used is a Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 85mm 1:3.5G ED. Is this a decent lens at least for a beginner? I have a nice tripod with a pistol grip, Brand name eludes me at the moment, but these were taken with a photobox, or acrylic box used...
  13. Site Help and Suggestions
    I had a question about the photography board. Is it to be strictly used as reef related board, or can include any topics related to photography? The reason I ask is reefing, has brought me to photography as a new hobby. Thanks, Matthew
  14. Photography
    And I thought reefing was expensive. Where do you get your new or used slr lenses?
  15. Anemones & Clownfish
    well i had someone come over today to pick up coral and it seemed odd that my clown were cleaning a spot on my rocks off and i mentioned to him that they usually lay eggs in weird spots but they havent in a few months because i feed daily and lately there are some days i go with no feedings but...
  16. Photography
    Just curious which brand of DSLR's are people on this site most loyal to.
1-17 of 230 Results